SEND Local Offer for Coventry - Occupational Therapy - Adults 18+

Occupational Therapy for Adults 18+

Occupational Therapists within Adult Social Care work with children and adults to enable them to live as independently as possible. They can provide advice about a range of possible solutions that may make everyday tasks easier for you. This could range from daily living equipment such as bathing aids to stair lifts and monitoring systems.

An Occupational Therapist can also arrange for people to have minor adaptations carried out in your home to enable you to live at home safely.

When major adaptations to your home are required, Occupational Therapists refer people for a Disabled Facilities Grant. The service covers the entire city. Any child or adult with a disability who thinks they have care and support needs can refer themselves to the service or a family member can contact us on their behalf. The team can also receive referrals from other professionals, such as GPs.

We communicate with individuals during their assessment, review or completion of a support plan.

For people aged 18 and over who receive support from adult social care they are get involved in the Adult Social Care Stakeholder Reference Group.

Occupational Therapists normally visit people in their own homes.          

For more information please see the Occupational Therapy for Adults Website


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