Residents Permit Schemes - H1 - Hillfields


Please note we are changing our Permit System. If you need to update your vehicle details or enquire about a new permit please email [email protected]


Permit Area

Alma Street (Nos 55-60)
Berry Street (All properties within Vernon Court)
Brook Close
Canterbury Street (All properties within Harry Salt House, Nos 2,4,6, Nos 60-74 exclusive)
Charles Street (Nos 1, 2-3, all properties within Mountfield Court)
Colchester Street
Days Close
Gilbert Close
Hood Street (Nos 2, 4, 6)
Kildale Close (All properties including all properties within Jephcott House)
King William Street (Nos 1-14 inclusive, nos 85-95 inclusive)
Lower Ford Street (Nos 11-118 inclusive)
Nelson Street (Nos 2-28 evens)
Raglan Street (Raglan House - 5 permits maximum, Nos 2-8 evens, nos 3-17 odds, nos 35-39 odds)
Spring Close
Stoney Stanton Road (Nos 89-110 inclusive)
Vauxhall Close
Vauxhall Street (Incl Regent Court)
Vernon Close
Victoria Street (Nos 1-38 inclusive)
Vine Street (Nos 30, 31, 35, Nos 68-117 inclusive)
Virginia Road
Waterloo Street
Wellington Street (Nos 6, 8, 15)
Winchester Street
Yardley Street (All properties including Hillfields House)

Restriction Times

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Update / Apply for New Permit

[email protected]

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