Residents Permit Schemes - C - Clifford Park Estate


Please note we are changing our Permit System. If you need to update your vehicle details or enquire about a new permit please email [email protected]


Permit Area

Abbotsbury Close
Blandford Drive
Bridport Close
Bryanston Close
Corfe Close
Cranborne Chase
Dorchester Way
Fontmell Close
Frampton Walk
Marnhull Close
Shillingstone Close
Studland Green
Sturminster Close
Swanage Green
Tarrant Walk
Tollard Close
Wareham Green
Warmwell Close
Wimborne Drive

Restriction Times

Monday to Sunday 24 Hours a Day.

Update / Apply for New Permit

[email protected]

Maximum No of Residents Permits Allowed


Maximum No of Visitors Permits Allowed


Additional Information

Permits - Update
Residents can continue to display their 'expired permits' as these are be deemed to be valid until new arrangements will be in place regarding the Clifford Park scheme

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