Residents Permit Schemes - CH - Charterhouse


Please note we are changing our Permit System. If you need to update your vehicle details or enquire about a new permit please email [email protected]


Permit Area

Acacia Avenue
Botoner Road
Bramble Street
Carmelite Road
Charterhouse Road
Cornwall Road
David Road
Grafton Street
Gulson Road
Harper Road
Humber Avenue
Knight Avenue
Monks Road
Northfield Road
Orwell Road
Seagrave Road
Severn Road
St. George's Road
St. Margaret's Road
Strathmore Avenue
Terry Road (Properties Nos 2-172 evens, 1-153 odds)
Vecqueray Street
Welland Road

Restriction Times

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Update / Apply for New Permit

[email protected]

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