Residents Permit Schemes - AB - Ricoh Arena


Please note we are changing from MiPermit as our permit supplier. If you need to update your vehicle details please email [email protected]


Permit Area

Alderney Close
Beake Avenue (West side from 30 metres south of Rylston Avenue to Parkgate Road)
Berkett Road
Blenheim Avenue
Braytoft Close
Buckland Road
Cawnpore Road
Charlewood Road
Chesholme Road
Chillaton Road
Deerhurst Road
Esterton Close
Everdon Road
Finch Close
Forge Way
Foxglove Close
Giles Close
Greensleeves Close
Hallam Road
Harborough Road
Holborn Avenue
Holbrook Lane (West side from Foleshill Park to Parkgate Road)
Ladymead Drive
Langlodge Road
Leeder Close
Lilley Close
Morland Road
Nunts Lane (East side from Parkville Highway to Wheelwright Lane)
Parkgate Road
Parkland Close
Parkville Close
Parkville Highway
Paynell Close
Pembrook Road
Penrith Close
Peyto Close
Richard Joy Close
Roland Avenue
Roland Mount
Romford Road
Rotherham Road
Sharp Close
Wheelwright Lane (West side from Nunts Lane to Parkgate Road)

Restriction Times

Restrictions applying during Ricoh Events

Permit Type

Virtual Permits

Update / Apply for New Permit

[email protected]

Additional Information

Parking within the residents' parking zone on a major event day

If you wish to park in the area on a major event day then you must make sure that your vehicle has a valid virtual permit.
You do not have to have a virtual permit if you are parked on your own drive.

A permit does not allow you to park on yellow lines during their time of operation.

A permit cannot guarantee a parking space but it will give you permission to park in your zone without being ticketed on a major event day.

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