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Wyken Slough

Aldermans Green Road
Aldermans Green

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This beautiful area is a Local Nature Reserve, and forms part of the Sowe Valley Walk. Wyken Slough supports a rich variety of wildlife and is an area of natural beauty. Managed by Coventry City Council with the help of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, the abundant wildlife on the site led to its designation as a Local Nature Reserve in 1991. While land drainage has greatly reduced the number of wetlands in Britain, the slough which is made up of marshes, floodland and reedbeds has become vital for a wide range of birds, amphibians, insects and plants, The reedbeds are dominated by reed sweetgrass which provides an excellent habitat for insects such as dragonflies and the brown hawker dragonfly. Mayflies are also a common sight at the water's edge. Wyken Pool is the largest expanse of water in Coventry. The rough grassland, scrub and marsh near the pool support a rich variety of wildlife. From Wyken Slough, you can walk under the motorway to the banks of the Oxford Canal and Hawkesbury Junction Conservation Area.

Opening hours

Open 7 days a week

How to get here

By bus: 30A, 30C, 37, 47
Parking: Limited parking off Aldermans Green Road. The car park will be closed by 6pm during term-time.


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