Adult Social Care training and development - Approved Mental Health Professional Qualification Training Stage 1


University of Birmingham Department of social policy and social work

University of Birmingham

Course details

Course aims:

Module 1: Foundations of Higher Specialist Mental Health Practice.

This module is designed to ensure candidates are working at the Higher Specialist level of practice necessary to undertake the AMHP Qualifying training.  Module 2: Preparing for Approved Mental Health Professional Practice.

This module is designed to ensure candidates have a full understanding of and familiarity with the AMHP practice and the responsibilities entailed to enable them to benefit fully from the AMHP Qualifying Training.

Course Outcomes:

Evaluate the effectiveness of their post-qualifying practise, applying a critical analysis of the impact of the legal and policy context in which they work and appropriate research.

Critically analyse the application of values and the principles of ethical practice in post-qualifying practise in mental health services.

Evaluate interventions in mental health demonstrating a critical analysis of the implications of different models of mental health and mental disorder for the services provided to service users and particularly the use made of compulsion.

Critically analyse the power imbalances inherent when acting as an AMHP and the strategies AMHP’s can employ to ameliorate the impact of those imbalances.

Critically evaluate the differences in roles and responsibilities between an AMHP and undertaking other aspects of post-qualifying mental health work.


Course length

Five full days at University with a mixture of knowledge and skills development. 8 weeks of practice and knowledge assessment in your own area plus regular days out of your team with an AMHP Practice Mentor.

Knowledge and Skills Framework

The AMHP qualification course meets the criteria as set down by Department of Health Statutory Instrument 1206 Schedule 2 to the Mental Health (AMHP) (Approval) (England) Regulations 2008.

Professional Capability Framework

The College of Social Work undertook an exercise to map AMHP. Competency to the PCF

Target group

Social Workers in Adult's and Children’s Social Care who have successfully completed the AMHP Foundation Year.


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