Adult Social Care training and development - Approved Mental Health Professionals: Support and Development Forum


Senior Practitioners and peer-led Learning and Development.


Course details

The Senior Practitioners hope that the AMHP Forum can be a place where all of us as AMHPs are able to discuss issues of practice that are causing anxiety or difficulty or on which we may need advice and clarity.

As AMHP practice becomes increasingly complicated; both from a legal and a practical perspective, we should be endeavouring to support one another in an environment and culture where knowledge and skills can be shared. The AMHP forum is a place where colleagues feel able to discuss and share their difficulties and concerns with us and one another.

Course length

2 hours monthly

Knowledge and Skills Framework

Effective Assessments and support planning (6)

Professional Capability Framework

Knowledge: Apply knowledge of social sciences, law and social work practice theory (5)

Target group

AMHPs, student AMHPs.


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