Adult Social Care training and development - Graduate Certificate in Practice Education


Coventry University

University of Birmingham

Course details

Course aim:

This programme has been designed to prepare candidates for the important role of teaching and assessing social work students in the workplace and consists of two 20 credit units at either H or M level:

  • Enabling Work Based Learning - This provides an introduction to work based learning and meets level 1 of the Practice Educator Professional Standards. Candidates who have already completed the Coventry University Enabling.
    Others module can be accredited for this unit.
  • Supervising a Student in Practice - This is designed to provide candidates with the specific knowledge and skills required to take responsibility for the assessment of social work students in their final year on placement.

Course outcomes

  • The course will provide you with the opportunity to gain a critical understanding of a range of relevant theories of learning, teaching and assessment.
    Individual and group reflective activities and exercises will encourage you to make links between underpinning theory and practice experience and will support the development of appropriate skills in the support of work-based learning.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop practice skills through experience of working with a social work student with support from a work-based mentor (Including assessment of practice through observations).


Course length

The programme comprises of two 20 credit units at H (last year of degree) level or Masters level Unit 1: Enabling Work Based Learning (3 full day workshops) Unit 2: Supervising a student in practice 2. Candidates are required to: enrol for both units complete them one after the other take full responsibility for the teaching and assessment of a social work student for each unit 3. Both units are recognised as one course, together they cover all components of the 4 Domains.

Knowledge and Skills Framework

Supervision, Critical reflection and analysis (8) Professional ethics and leadership (10)

Professional Capability Framework

Levels for Qualified Social Workers and Experienced Social Workers

Target group

Minimum of 2 years post qualifying experience
Successful completion of NQSW desirable Willingness and readiness to
undertake course and facilitate placements
Full support and endorsement of line manager (preform as part of
Ability to study at H level or M level as appropriate


For further information and applications please contact: [email protected]

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