Adult Social Care training and development - Approved Mental Health Professional Qualification Training Stage 3


University of Birmingham Department of social policy and social work

University of Birmingham

Course details

Course aim

This module will enable candidates to demonstrate competence in mentoring and assessing the work of other mental health professionals through practice supervision of an AMHP candidate. Stage 3 (Mentoring and Assessing the work of Other Mental Health Professionals) Module 6: Mentoring and Assessing the work of Other Mental Health Professionals (20 credits).

Course outcomes

Models and principles of adult learning. Principles and practice of evaluating learning. Issues of power and oppression in adult learning. Principles of assessment. Principles and skills in supervision and mentorship. The course is assessed at Masters Level.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Organise opportunities for the demonstration of assessed competence.
  • Enable learning and professional development in practice.
  • Manage the assessment of learners in practice.

The Stage 3 course is optional and takes place after the AMHP Qualifying Training is complete. If successfully completed the course will then provide you with the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Specialist Work in Mental Health Services.

Application involves:

Agreement from your manager to release you to attend the course and to take on substantial responsibility for an AMHP candidate. During the period of the course, you will be allocated an AMHP candidate to work alongside you and other AMHP’s both in your own team and other Mental Health/AAD teams. During the period of the course you will be expected to arrange assessments for your candidate, offer substantial supervision and support both from a practice perspective as well as an academic perspective. In addition, the applicant will be expected to meet the
University selection criteria.

Course length

8 months: Part Time 3.5 taught days plus attending up to 2 days with your AMHP stage 2 candidate.

Knowledge and Skills Framework

The AMHP qualification course meets the criteria as set down by Department of Health Statutory Instrument 1206 Schedule 2 to the Mental Health (AMHP) (Approval) (England) Regulations 2008.

Professional Capability Framework

The College of Social Work undertook an exercise to map AMHP Competency to the PCF

Target group

Qualified and Practising Approved Mental Health Professionals.


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