Adult Social Care training and development - Approved Mental Health Professionals: Continuing Professional Development - Legal Updates


Edge Training - Christine Hutchinson


Course details

Course aims

Enhancing knowledge related to exercising the duties, powers and responsibilities of an Approved Mental Health Professional.
AMHPs are required to seek re-approval every five years. To support their application, they must show evidence of continued professional development (CPD) amounting to 18 hours a year over the five-year period.

Course outcomes

  • Describe the main implications of case law from the Tribunals and Courts in relation to the Mental Health Act since their last update.
  • Describe the main implications of the Code of Practice/Mental Health Act/Related Acts reviews and amendments.
  • Consider the impact of these implications on their personal practice.
  • Discuss practice concerns and find avenues of support.

Course length

1 day

Knowledge and Skills Framework

Effective Assessments and outcome-based support planning (6)

Professional Capability Framework

Knowledge: Apply knowledge of social sciences, law and social work practice theory (5)

Target group

Coventry AMHPs; Coventry AMHP candidates; Coventry Mental Health Social Workers; MCA and DoLS Lead from CWPT; Coventry City Council Legal Services.


Via invitation only.

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