Adult Social Care training and development - Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)


Siobhan Maclean

Kirwin Maclean

Course details

As part of your ASYE you will be required to attend all 6 workshops in any order:

  • Workshop One: Developing a Strong Professional Identity
  • Workshop Two: The ASYE Experience
  • Workshop Three: Critical Reflection
  • Workshop Four: Theorising Social Work
  • Workshop Five: Professional Resilience
  • Workshop Six: Consolidation of Learning

There are also separate Line Managers Workshops for those supporting an ASYE in their Team.
ASYEs will be expected to complete documentation which needs to be completed in full and submitted for moderation at the end of the ASYE.
The ASYE workshops and e-learning modules will also support you in building your portfolio and extending your practice.

Delivery method

During COVID-19 restrictions, the workshops will be replaced with Workbooks and Videos. Updated information is available when booking.

Course length

1 year

Knowledge and Skills Framework

The Knowledge and Skills Statement for Social Workers in Adults Services sets out what an Adult social worker should know and do by the end of their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE). The statement incorporates the experiences and perspectives of frontline social workers, their managers, organisations and educators.

Professional Capability Framework

By the end of the ASYE Social Workers should have consistently demonstrated practice in a wider range of tasks and roles. Social Workers become more effective in their interventions confidently. They will gain experience and skills in relation to a particular setting, user group and also in complex situations. Seeking support in supervision appropriately, exercise initiative and evaluate their own practice.

Target group

Newly Qualified Social Workers.


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