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Coventry is located in the state of Connecticut in the United States of America.

The Coventry, England – Coventry, Connecticut exchange began in 1962 when several dignitaries from Coventry, England crossed the Atlantic to help Coventry, Connecticut celebrate its 250th anniversary.

Coventry is a dormitory town for Hartford Connecticut, one of the major industrial centres in the United States.

Even as late as 1940 Coventry was a small town of only 2,000 people but it grew rapidly during the war years as a suburban community for Hartford then a developing city with a rapidly growing aircraft industry.

Coventry today covers an area of over 24,000 acres and was originally part of tract land of used by the Mohican Indians as hunting and fishing grounds. The first record of its history is 1706 when a small committee was appointed "to divide the area into house, church and school lots and highways, and to admit inhabitants".

At one time, because of the abundance of local waterpower, Coventry was an important manufacturing town specialising in silk and textile products but this century it had become primarily residential.



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3497 miles


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