Coventry's twin towns and cities - Coventry, New York State, USA



About the town or city

Coventry is located in Chenango County in New York State in the United States of America and has a population of about 2,000. This link was established in 1972.

Coventry NYS is a small town, one of the smallest Coventry is linked to. The association with the Coventry, UK, came as a result of travellers who arrived in America and named their homestead after the town they had left behind in the UK.

Coventry New York State is Coventry, UK smallest twinned town. It is situated near the southern border with Pennsylvania, some 5 miles east of Greene. The nearest large town is Binghamton. But its association with the United Kingdom started with its first settlers who came from Coventry and named their new homestead after the town they had left years before they crossed the seas.

With a population of approximately 2,000 living in two hamlets named Coventry and Coventryville, it is far removed in size from it's UK partner city.


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