Coventry's twin towns and cities - Dunaujvaros, Hungary



About the town or city

Dunaujvaros is located in Fejer County in Hungary and has a population of about 49,000. This twinning link was established in 1962.

This industrial town has developed greatly since the end of World War Two. The industrial life of the town is centred on the huge Danube Iron and Steel Works which was started in 1950. In addition to the steelworks there are paper mills and textile factories and the town is a busy river port.

Although this largely industrial town has few historical buildings which remain, during redevelopment a number of Bronze Age settlements and the remains of a Roman frontier town, Intercisa, were unearthed. The finds are now on display in the Dunaujvaros museum.

An unusual feature of the town is that the central heating for many buildings is provided by the surplus hot water produced at the iron and steel works. A belt of Canadian and Swedish pine trees divide the steelworks from the town. There is a pioneer railway, an amusement park, an open-air theatre and a number of sports grounds.

Wheat, maize, barley and sugar beet are grown in the surrounding countryside and the cultivation of rice had started in recent years.


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