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Document downloads - Services for schools

The following document downloads are available for download. Downloads in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader. MS Word and Powerpoint files can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

Available downloads

LACES - Personal Education Plans

Emergency advice and support for educational establishments

Dol-y-Moch application forms 2019-2020

Plas Dol y Moch Admin Pack 2018

Working as a NQT in Coventry

NQT Induction Tutor guidance and support

Ofsted 2015 and other useful resources

School good stewardship guide

NQT training

LACES - Training

Safeguarding in educational settings - policies and procedures

Safeguarding in educational settings - safeguarding and child protection policies

DSL Leads Briefings - December 2015

DSL Leads Briefings - February 2016

DSL Leads Briefings - May 2016

DSL Leads Briefings - July 2016

Safeguarding in educational settings - resources

Audit Review Tool

Coventry S175 and S157 School Safeguarding Audit Tool

Coventry S175 and S157 School Safeguarding Audit Tool 2016/17

Education Reference Group


Forced Marriage/Honour Based Violence (HBV)

Assessment and Moderation documents

Sexting and peer on peer abuse

Prevent information, Policies, Referral form and toolkit

14 September responsibilities of DSL

19 October responsibilities of DSL

DSL Leads Briefings - November 2016

Coventry Safeguarding Children Board - the levels of intervention for children

Initial Contact Service Letter December 2016

DSL record keeping

DSL responsibilities 8 December 2016

Children's Society LSCB

Single Central Record/DBS info

Coventry Children Safeguarding Board Annual Report

Coventry Children Safeguarding Board Newsletters

DSL Safeguarding Leads Briefings - February 2017

Single Central Record/DBS info

Emergency Contacts in Holidays/Site Closed

FGM Awareness Posters February 2017

CSE Folder Feb 2017 onwards

School VOIP Telephony Guidelines

s175/s157 Schools Audit 2016/2017


Children Missing in Education guidance 2016

DSL Refresher Training March 2017

DSL Briefing April 2017

Mental Health First Aid Posters - Take 10

Assessment, Moderation, Monitoring and Data Collection

DSL Refresher Training April 2017

DSL Safeguarding Leads Briefings - June 2017

DSL Newsletters 2016/17

DSL Refresher Training June 2017

DfE Preventing and Tackling Bullying July 2017

DSL Briefing October 2017

Parental Responsibility and Sharing Data

Intelligence Form - West Midlands Police

ACT Resources - Counter Terrorism

Report Proforma for Child Protection Conferences

DSL Briefing 23 January 2018

Safeguarding Fact Sheet - Solvent Abuse

School volunteer supervision template

Suggested SCR Template

DSL Training Slides - 1 March 2018

Safety Alert - Fire risk from classroom heater covers and surrounds

Materials from Assessment Briefings 2018

Police Presentation - Teaching young people about the seriousness of robbery

Single Central Record Template - Updated for KCSIE September 2018

Risk Assessment Proforma - including risk assessment for individual children

Information for Practice Week

SRE Training for Primary and Secondary Schools

Pupil Information Overview (SEN, Medical, Safeguarding)

Model Safeguarding Policy - September 2018

Safeguarding Training resources to use with all staff - September 2018

DSL Briefing Presentations - 3rd July 2018

June training resources

SEND Conference flyers

Learning from Serious Case Review information for schools

Postcode checker - Family Hubs

Guidance Summary - Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006 - updated July 2018

LA Model Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - September 2018

LSCB Training Courses - Autumn 2018

Safeguarding useful contact numbers

DSL Refresher Training - July 2018

Useful contacts

DSL Training Slides - 18 September 2018

Letter to consent to information sharing with GPs

Safe Journey Programme Information

Prevent Conference Letter

Prevent West Midlands Police Briefing

DSL Briefing - 9th October 2018

DSL Training Resources - 2nd October 2018

Using appropriate language with victims of CSE

New Signs of Safety training dates and booking form

Female Genital Mutilation - Apps to help protect young people

Through Care Newsletter - October 2018

Internet Safety Template Letter

School Police Contacts - Updated September 2018

School and Police Panel Calendar

DSL Briefing Presentations - 4 December 2018

KCSIE Mid-Year Refresher Quiz and Resources

Annual Report to Governors - Updated template (December 2018)

Materials from Assessment Briefings 2019

Safety this Yuletide

Family Hub contact details

LSCB Training Courses - Spring 2019

Clare's Law Factsheet

Prevent Referral Form

Substance misuse and hidden harm training information

Survey - Health and wellbeing in schools

HR services for schools

Safeguarding and Child Protection Model Policy (2019-2020)

Induction Tutor Training Material 2019 - 2020

Coventry Teachers' Choir

School development guidance

Materials for Assessment Briefings 2019/2020

Autumn Briefing - Assessment updates for 2019-2020

CSCP Inter-Agency Training Courses - Spring 2020

Positive Parenting Courses - 2020

Contextual Safeguarding - One Minute Guide

Public Health Training Brochure - Spring 2020

Sub-categories of Services for schools

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