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Document downloads - Pollution

The following document downloads are available for download. Downloads in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader. MS Word and Powerpoint files can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives.

Available downloads

Andy's Landys 007

ASDA Stores Ltd 111

ASDA Stores Ltd 116

Avon West Dry Cleaners 177

B W Platt 005

Barras Health Station Service 138

Mecalac UK Limited 162

Blue Star Dry Cleaners 179 (Surrendered)

The Prime Connection (Bowater) 165

Brett Martin Daylight Systems 097

Allesley Garage 013

Agco Ltd (Massey Fergusson) 060

Antelope Service Station 126 (Revoked)

Arden Cavecroft Joinery Ltd 024

Astley and Sons Ltd 029

Autocraft Coventry Ltd 137

Bhatoa Castings 030

BKL Joinery Ltd 151

British Coal Corporation 019

British Fuels Limited 076

Broad Lane Service Station 119

Brown & White Ltd 062

BWL Motors 083

Engine Services 015

Nationwide Crash Repairs Ltd 042

Nova Fabrications Ltd 079 (Revoked)

Novem Car Interior Design Ltd 072 (Revoked)

Morgan Composite & Defence Systems (NP Aerospace) 189

Morgan Composite & Defence Systems 190 (NP Aerospace)

Panclean Services Ltd 069

Peugeot Motor Company 183

Peugeot Talbot Motors Co Ltd 046 (Surrendered)

Phoenix Venture Motors 031

PHS Treadsmart 182

Plumb Contracts Ltd 011

Premier Exhaust Systems Ltd 061

PRM Newage Ltd 181

Solus Accident Repair Ltd 095

Radford Professional Dry Cleaners 174

Regency Motors 014 (Revoked)

C B Motors 002

Canley Crematorium 004

Canley Ford Service Station 147

Coventry Castings Ltd 093

Aggregate Industries 081

Cromwell Garage 160

Dave Price Motors 017

Denawash 176

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Ltd 156 (Dunlop Aviation)

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Ltd 157

Carvells 088

Coventry Homefire Works 094

Coventry Metal Finishers 040

Coventry Powder Coating 039

Covrad Heat Transfer Ltd 090

Diesel Power Services 085

Eagle Service Station 141

Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials Europe Ltd 084

Rolls Royce Plc 043

Rugby Road Service Station 128

Rye Hill Service Station 131

Ryland Ford 057

Pace Oak Service Station 114

Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd 100

Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd 101

Sandpits Service Station 104

Sandvik Ltd 025

Sarginson Precision Components 020

Foleshill Road Service Station 142

Frank Brookes (Coventry) 140

Guy Salmon Land Rover 108

H Burbidge & Son Ltd 045

Hanson Premix 021

Henley Road Service Station 133

Wyken Service Station 129

Hytec Castings 070

Faurecia Midlands Ltd 035

George Wilson Industries 034

Godiva Garage 016

Godiva Service Station 123

Hills Precision Components Ltd 064

H Burbidge & Son 079

GPT 087

Jaguar Cars Ltd 145

Jaguar Cars Ltd 146

Save Service Station 103

Sewall Service Station 159 (Surrendered)

Shell Whitmore Park Service Station 124

SIV UK Ltd 086

Rontec Watford Limited 121

Rontec Watford Limited 122

Solaglass 038

SS Professional Dry Cleaners 178

Solaglass Mirrors and Processing 003

Stadco Coventry Ltd 058

Star Motors Ltd 080

Holyhead Road Service Station 117

Stonebridge Service Station 127

Stoney Stanton Road Service Station 132

STP Windows Ltd 089

Superior Paint & Powder Coating Ltd 168

Supreme Arkitectural Finishers Ltd 066

Surface Technology 056

Surface Technology Plc 075

Lafarge Tarmac Ltd 180

Tarmac Topmix 023

Tesco Stores Ltd 106

Tesco Stores Ltd 107

Lawrence Automotive Interiors Ltd 053

Jaguar Cars Plc 054

Johnson Cleaners 170

Johnson Cleaners 171

Jaguar Cars Plc 052

Kingsley Garage Services 012

Tesco Stores Ltd 164

Longford Concrete Ltd 033

Leek Motors 001

Listers of Coventry (Motors) Ltd 044

Listers Paint and Body Centre 166

London Taxis International 037

Magnetto Topy Wheels (UK) Ltd 041 (Revoked)

Total Service Station 112

Malthurst Ryton Service Station 125

Mebro Dry Cleaners 173

Midland Steel Structures 063 (Revoked)

DUO Mineral Processing Ltd 098

DUO Mineral Processing Ltd 099

Hydrex UK Ltd 154 (Revoked)

Hydrex UK Ltd Ltd 163 (Revoked)

MPK Fillings Stations Ltd 118

Walsgrave Service Station 120

Coventry Service Station 130

Radford Service Station Jubilee Crescent 139

LFE Material Handling 161

Marley Automotive Components Ltd 078

Marvic Empe Ltd 047

Marvic Empe Ltd 048

Excel Logistics Ltd 026 (Revoked)

Midland Lewis Ltd 091 (Revoked)

Midland Lewis Ltd 092 (Revoked)

Milver Metals 027 (Revoked)

Murco (Harnall Lane East) Service Station 102

The Butts Service Station 109

Tile Hill Service Station 134

Timber Truss and Buildpack 096

Toll Bar Service Station 143

Torrington Company 071

Total Convenience Store 148

TPS Autos 149

Trafalgar Foundry Ltd 022

Trelleborg Automotive 050

Johnson Cleaners 172

TJ Lindsay 155

Unipart Eberspacher Ltd 158

Via Systems UK Ltd 077

VRS 167

Webster Hemmings 006

Whitley Service Station 144

Wish You Wash Here 175

WM Morrison Supermarkets 169

WM Morrison Supermarkets 105

WM Morrison Supermarkets 110

Wyndon Motors Ltd 082

Atritor Ltd 028

Noise nuisance

Burglar alarms

Construction sites advice

Air quality in Coventry

Dust and odour

Do I need a PPC permit?

Smoky vehicles

Covrad GT 067

Noise issues factsheet

H Burbidge and Son Ltd 009

H Burbidge and Son Ltd 010

Trelleborg PPL Ltd 194 (Surrendered)

Trelleborg PPL Ltd 195 (Surrendered)

Endermere Garage

Hydrex UK Ltd 185

CovPress Ltd 193

Hydrex UK Ltd 186

Hydrex UK Ltd 187

Hydrex UK Ltd 188

Hydrex UK Ltd 191

Hydrex UK Ltd 192

Pristine Autos 196

Federal Mogul Sintered Products 197

DUO Mineral Processing Ltd 199

A Star Autos 200

Murco Petroleum 136 Brandon Road (Revoked)

Steel Construction Ltd 200

Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy 2012-2016

Andy Denton Motor Repairs

Industry and pollution leaflet

Brightly Professional Dry Cleaning

Tools of Coventry Ltd

Scrap van reporting form

Smoke control areas leaflet

Bonfire and smoke nuisance leaflet

Air quality management area (AQMA) order

Gearbox Services 206

Fleetmaine Garage 207

Green Fleet Garage 208

Green Garage 209

Aggregate Industries 205

Ready to Burn Leaflet

Open fires and wood-burning stoves

Aggregate Industries UK Limited PPC205 Environmental Permit

Duo Mineral Processing Ltd _PPC223

Duo Mineral Processing Ltd_ PPC221

Air Quality Local Plan FAQs

Air Quality Local Plan summary leaflet

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