The Disability Equality Action Partnership (DEAP) is chaired by Councillor Christine Thomas and meets three times a year. The group is not open to the public and representatives of various groups are invited by the Chair to attend.

Each year the Partnership is reassessed to ensure that new people are invited that represent persons with disability within a diverse cross section of Coventry residents, charities/voluntary organisations and service users who meet to work together as an effective, proactive action partnership. The group deals with different issues at every meeting as well as providing updated information on ongoing issues.

Purpose of the group and what it achieves

  • To inform and assist the Cabinet Member with responsibilities for equality in improving access for disabled people to Council services and employment opportunities.
  • To identify issues that are significant in order to meet the needs and aspirations of disabled people.
  • To provide feedback to the Cabinet Member with responsibilities for equality on key developments and policy proposals
  • To harness the skills, knowledge and abilities of panel members to strengthen working together to identify and resolve issues.
  • To provide a conduit for collating and disseminating key messages to disabled people
  • To ensure young disabled people and other disability forums are working collaboratively with the panel
  • To identify key areas where services and partner agencies could deliver improvements
  • Representatives from different groups input into the panel
  • Officers are able to utilise this group for input and feedback in service delivery e.g. Shared spaces

Access to Council buildings

Detailed information on the accessibility of Council buildings can be found in our guide.