Effective SEND and pastoral care is key to enhancing the futures of our young people.

We believe that the only way to effect lasting change is to work on the root causes of a young person’s issues, rather than simply addressing the symptoms. For instance, it is far more effective to help someone to resolve the reasons why they get angry rather than simply teaching them how to calm down when they are angry. We therefore assess all pupils on entry to identify any underlying issues, which we can then address through targeted interventions.

We understand that all our young people come to us with individual needs. To best meet those needs we carry out three main assessments on entry to CELC. Two of them focus on emotional wellbeing. The results from these help us to identify where extra support is required and give a focus to any interventions we put into place.

Our third assessment is a reading and comprehension assessment. We use this to ensure we are providing resources in all lessons that are accessible for our young people and identify where adjustments to planning and delivery need to be made in everyday lessons.