“Staff are very open and honest about their provision and want to do the best for their students. Reception staff are friendly. The students are very friendly and happy to talk to me as a visitor and parents feel the school supports them well”

HMI, October 2019

“Staff clearly know their pupils and want them to do well. Supportive of their needs and future plans”

HMI, October 2019

“Today I saw every student engaged in learning, communicating effectively in a purposeful and positive environment where staff had access to laptops and SIMS. There was certainly a new feel to the provision which staff should feel proud of”

Chair of Management Committee, October 2019

"I would like to personally thank you for the hard work and support you have given to ­­­­_____ over the period of intervention, without multi-agency support from yourself it would not have been possible to be able to implement the tight support plan around the family of which was needed. You are a credit to the young people you support and a key part to their education journey and without you I think their schooling journey would be very different, you have gone above and beyond to ensure ______attends school and engages with the process too. Keep doing what you are doing to support those young people continue to need this support from you."

Social Worker, January 2021

‘As a new member of staff, I would just like to praise your team members for their professionalism and composure…  All the staff I have met have been very welcoming and warm, respectful to the students at all times.’

CELC Teacher, February 2021

“You have been tremendous in helping my son achieve success and he has been doing so well. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for him”

Parent of a former student, October 2021

"Thanks for all your hard work with __________ - the words "happy" and "school" have never been used in the same sentence....until now!  So thank you"

Parent, October 2021

"I have been at CELC a couple of months and have enjoyed the experience.  One thing I liked was how you can talk to members of staff on a personal level.  There is a lot of help and support"

Student, November 2021

"Thank you for all the help and support received from everyone at the exclusion centre."

Parent, November 2021