How Telecare works

Coventry Telecareline logo

Telecare works through a range of sensors that are installed according to your needs following an assessment. 

If one of the sensors is automatically activated or if you press your personal alarm trigger, the alarm connected to your phone will ring our Control Centre. The response centre staff will have information about the person using the service; will be able to identify which sensor has been activated and how best to respond.

When an alert is raised, a signal is sent which automatically dials the control centre, letting trained operators assess the situation, check your safety and take the appropriate action which could include calling a family member or friend or calling the emergency services.

Some Telecare sensors can just raise an alarm in your home without calling the contact centre, which can be suitable if you have a carer living with you or if you are a carer looking after someone. It means, for example, that a carer can go out into the garden and relax knowing they will be alerted if the person they look after gets out of bed or tries to leave the house.

Don’t worry if you press your alarm or set off a sensor by mistake, we would rather know that you’re okay and check everything is working correctly.

What do I need in order for Telecare to work?

For the Telecare system to work in your own home, you will need the following:

  • a modern landline telephone with a push-in socket that is able to dial in and out and can accept withheld numbers
  • an electrical socket within two metres of the telephone socket
  • two responders who live locally (within 30 minutes travelling time) who are willing to respond in an emergency. (If you do not have anyone locally who can act as a key holder/emergency responder please let us know and we can discuss access to our responder service)

Note: As Telecare works via your telephone line, please be aware there is an additional cost of a local telephone call each time an alarm is triggered to the Coventry TeleCareLine control centre, this will show on your phone bill.