Delivering a sustainable future

Addressing these issues is not only imperative to delivering a sustainable future and maintaining a healthy and prosperous economy but also provides a significant opportunity for enhancing our quality of life creating new jobs and employment.

We will need to focus our collective efforts for:

  • Supporting the development and use of new energy efficient zero carbon technologies for homes and businesses across the city
  • Reducing congestion and air pollution by promoting new methods of mass transit and supporting modal shift including encouraging healthier forms of active transport
  • Managing waste and recovering energy from waste including the encouragement of re-use and recycling of materials
  • Creating quality urban and green spaces that enhance biodiversity and help to create a greater sense of place

Addressing the needs of those on low incomes with affordable access to:

  • employment locations, services and facilities
  • quality housing
  • eating and lighting and
  • local fresh food and healthy diets