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Housing (16-25 years old)

Coventry SEND Local Offer

As part of moving into adult life young people may want to explore living independently or semi-independently.  Semi-independent living means that you would receive personal support for some of your day to day care needs if it is needed.  The preparing for adulthood website has lots of ideas and examples from young people that have done this successfully:

Find out about:

View full details of Finding somewhere to live


Social Landlords and Homefinder 

If you need to find a property that you can rent and you would prefer that to be through a Registered Social Landlord rather than renting a private property then you can register with Coventry Homefinder. This offers you an opportunity to search available properties and apply for those which best meet your circumstances.

Learn more about social landlords in Coventry (also called Housing Associations or co-ops).

There is an initial form to complete online and the team will assess what priority you have on the system based on your personal circumstances. This priority helps to identify people with greater need to our property partners which might help to speed up the time it takes to obtain a tenancy. 

Information on the policy and banding.

Are you facing homelessness?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are facing the possibility of being made homeless, have a look at the Council's homeless information: then come and see the team as they will be able to help to offer lots of support:

Customer Service Centre
Broadgate House

Supported Living (Adult Social Care - Supported Living)

Supported Living, also called supported housing is one of the housing options available for people with disabilities which enables them to live in their own home. Supported living properties are normally rented from a housing association with help provided by adult social care to support the person to live independently. Each supported living option is tailored to the eligible social care needs of the person with a disability. This means support can range from 1 hour to 24 hours a day. Sometimes people can live in shared home with other people or in their own flat or house.  In order to explore supported living options for a young adult in Coventry they need to have had an Adult Social Care assessment to assess their care and support needs.

This assessment will be carried out by the Adults Team in the All Age Disability Service.  
024 7683 3003
[email protected].

Some examples of Supported Living are:

Shared Lives

The Shared Lives Scheme is a personalised service that provides people with disabilities with the support they need to live an independent life in the community. This support is provided by Shared Lives Carers and their families using their family home. Shared Lives placements can be for an extended stay, short break, or short stay. Find out who can be part of the Shared Lives Scheme.

Residential care homes 

A residential care home is accommodation that provides care and support for people who need regular help or supervision. There is a range of residential care homes across Coventry that the Council either runs or purchases services from. You can filter to find Residential Care Homes that fit your specific needs.

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View full details of Support - St Basils Floating Support Service



St. Basils' Floating Support Service offers 'Floating Support'  also known as 'Housing Related Support'. The aim of this service is both to prevent homelessness and prevent repeat homelessness.

It is available to both young people who have been identified as at risk of homelessness and those who have moved on from supported accommodation and need support to maintain their independence.

For more information please visit the St. Basil's Floating Support Service website

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View full details of Support - Trident Reach Coventry



Trident Reach - Coventry 's Learning Disabilities Service offers a housing-related floating support service to people with learning disabilities and/or autism, aged 18 and over in Coventry.

The service also helps support customers develop the skills and resources required to live independently. This includes supporting them to learn practical skills such as managing a home, budgeting, applying for benefits, dealing with maintenance issues and getting into training or work.

For more information, please visit the Trident Reach Website

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