Public Health Coventry

Coventry City Council’s Public Health and Wellbeing Services work across the Health and Care system, wider public and voluntary sector to work towards continually improving areas such as;

  • Reducing Health inequalities by understanding and mitigating the impact of specific groups i.e. ethnic minorities or vulnerable households.
  • Leading and improving the health of Coventry’s population through wider Public Health campaigns, ensuring the effectiveness and access to health and care services for the Coventry population.
  • Planning the delivery of health services and health improvement services though the production of Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA and the development of strategic plans.

The Public Health team commissions and delivers a wide range of services and programmes that tackle health inequalities and help people to live healthier lives including:

  • Alcohol and drugs misuse strategy, treatment and recovery services
  • Sexual health services including sexually transmitted infections and contraception
  • Healthy lifestyles support with losing weight, getting more active, giving up smoking, cutting down on alcohol and improving your well being
  • Physical activity strategy and projects including school-based exercise, parks and cycling
  • Family health including health visiting, infant feeding, school nurses, teenage pregnancy support, family weight management and services supporting BME families
  • Health protection strategy and services including air quality, blood-borne virus testing, screening & immunisations, infection control, emergency planning and outbreak management
  • The Marmot City strategy, reducing health inequalities across the city
  • Domestic abuse and sexual abuse strategies and support services
  • Youth violence reduction

Further reading material on Coventry City Council’s Public Health and wellbeing service, including approach, strategic plan and public health landscape can be found within the documents:

View Public Health and Wellbeing information, policies, data and reports.

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