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Do you need to talk to someone to explain care and support further?

Call Adult Social Care Direct on 024 7683 3003 to start an assessment.

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Together, we will discuss options and ideas that will support you to remain as independent as possible. We will also help you to find activities in your community that support your wellbeing.

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If this support has met your needs we will complete your assessment.

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We will also signpost you to support in your community.

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If you still need more support, we will continue your assessment with you.

We will consider:

1. The outcomes you want to achieve

2. The eligibility criteria

3. Your financial circumstances

4. Any support you are already receiving

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If you do not have eligible needs we will work with you to identify things that will help you meet your outcomes.

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We will work with you to make a plan for the care and support that will meet your outcomes, and to agree your personal budget - this is the amount of money identified to meet your needs.

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If your circumstances change, you will need to tell us and we will review your plan with you. We will regularly review your plan to ensure it is working for you.

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