MiFriendly Cities

Creating 'Migration Friendly' Cities in the West Midlands

The Coventry City Council Migration Team has proudly worked with partners from across the West Midlands to deliver this innovative project, which aimed to reduce the impact of migration on the region and to create more opportunities for newcomers. 

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

About the project

MiFriendly Cities is a 3-year initiative to support refugees and migrants in the West Midlands. It aims to develop innovative, community-led and sustainable approaches to enhancing the contribution of refugees and migrants in the region. 

The project is made up of a partnership of 11 organisations. These include three city councils, a multi-national company, a university, a law centre, a consultancy and three migrant-run charities.  

Migrants and refugees have helped to develop this project and to decide what makes a city ‘Migration Friendly’. This has created a project which we hope will encourage a spirit of solidarity, with the West Midlands becoming a place in which everyone feels a true sense of belonging.

“I’m delighted to see the launch of the MiFriendly Cities project in Coventry, a city with a proud history of recognising and celebrating cultural diversity. I am excited that this funding will enhance opportunities to strengthen the economic and social fabric of the entire region.’’ 

Cllr Abdul Khan, Deputy Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Policing and Equalities

The Project Partnership

11 organisations from across the public, private and voluntary sector worked together to deliver the MiFriendly Cities project.

Project resources

The Mi-friendly Cities project has now officially closed, with all programmes and activities now completed.

To ensure that our knowledge and findings over the last three years are not wasted, we have compiled all of our findings, resources, surveys and guides into one, easily accessible resources page. The information here is designed to be shared with others who wish to help Migrants and Refugees create positive and meaningful contributions in their communities.

For more information visit www.mifriendlycities.co.uk or contact: mark.russell@migrationwork.org.