COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Adult Social Care provider offer

Financial support

The City Council has adopted a scheme of direct financial support that enables Coventry Providers to claim the additional costs relating to COVID-19 such as additional staffing costs and PPE where not covered by other Government schemes and grants. Support for Nursing Homes is being provided by the Clinical Commissioning Group.

Read more details about the scheme.

Claims paid to 11 August 2020
Description Care homes Other care provision  Total
COVID-19 specific cost claims £410,170 £165,360 £575,530

In addition the Local Authority has received an allocation from the Infection Control Grant which is to be paid to providers who sign up the scheme and the national requirements. 

Infection Control Fund
Description Care homes Other care provision Total
Infection Control Fund Grant received Not applicable Not applicable £2,687,025
Infection Control Grant paid as at 11 August 2020 £2,121,520 £377,527 £2,499,047

The City Council is also ensuring prompt payment to providers through revision of payment terms to some areas of provision.


The City Council has worked in collaboration with partners to ensure effective supplies of PPE are available where providers are unable to source this themselves or from central supplies. No charges have been made for the PPE provided by the Council in these circumstances.

Additional support

Through working with partners we are maintaining significant communication with the provider market throughout the pandemic. We have staff from our commissioning team dedicated to this work and will continue to do so.

This support has included:

  • Establishment of a microsite jointly with Warwickshire County Council to ensure a single point of access for communications.
  • Daily updates co-ordinated through Public Health summarising latest guidance, policy and practice changes.
  • Regular check in calls from our joint health and social care quality team.  
  • Letters to care home providers summarising support available to them including that in relation to infection prevention and control, PPE, testing, support from primarily care and financial support.
  • Coventry care home support
  • Supporting providers with interpretation of national guidance – (particularly PPE and discharge from hospital)
  • A recruitment initiative which includes support for DBS checks and inductions and linked with regional and national campaigns
  • Supporting providers with registering on the national NECSU tracker (100% of Coventry homes are signed up) as well as support for providers obtaining nhs mail accounts.
  • Working with care homes and other providers to ensure that their business continuity plans are up-to-date.

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