Council Plan

Globally connected

Promoting the growth of a sustainable Coventry economy

We will promote the growth of a sustainable Coventry economy that benefits the city by...

Supporting businesses to grow through:

  • attracting inward investment;
  • helping businesses expand;
  • encouraging them to create jobs;
  • improving access to skilled workers; and
  • retaining skilled graduates in the area.

Developing the city centre for the 21st century by:

  • enhancing the quality of public spaces; and
  • bringing the city centre to life with a range of employment, leisure, education and retail opportunities.

Creating the infrastructure for the city to grow and thrive by:

  • providing leadership to stimulate the Friargate business district near the railway station; and
  • making the city more accessible for businesses, visitors and local people through better road, rail and digital connections.

Raising the profile of Coventry through:

  • encouraging businesses to relocate to the city;
  • developing economic, business and trade links with other cities; and
  • promoting Coventry as a visitor destination and centre for arts and culture; sports and leisure; music and events.

...and make sure that residents share in the benefits by...

Helping local people into jobs through:

  • improving employability through access to skills and qualifications;
  • creating routes into work, including apprenticeship opportunities.

Increasing the supply, choice and quality of housing.

Reducing the impact of poverty through:

  • supporting those experiencing fuel poverty;
  • promoting a living wage;
  • supporting families experiencing debt to take greater control of their finances; and
  • availability of appropriate and relevant advice and information.

Increasing access to arts, sports & cultural opportunities including leisure, music and events.


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