Council Plan

Locally committed

Improving the quality of life for Coventry people

We are committed to improving the quality of life for Coventry people by working with local communities to...

Create an attractive, cleaner and greener city through:

  • maintaining the street scene (roads/pavements/cleanliness);
  • encouraging people to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste; and
  • the upkeep of parks and open spaces.

Improving educational outcomes by working with schools to continue to improve standards.

Making communities safer together with the police, to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour:

  • working with victims, offenders and neighbourhoods.

Improving health and wellbeing by:

  • helping local residents lead healthier lifestyles including better mental health; and
  • helping people to maintain their independence and supporting them when they need help.

...especially for our most vulnerable residents by:

Protecting our most vulnerable people:

  • keeping children and adults safe from harm;
  • providing early intervention for families who need it;
  • enabling people to exercise choice and control in their daily lives;
  • improving services for people experiencing domestic violence; and
  • preventing homelessness and helping people who do become homeless.

Reducing health inequalities:

  • giving our children the best start in life; 
  • working towards becoming an age friendly city; and
  • helping support people facing multiple and complex needs.


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