Key strategies

The key strategies and the Council Plan

The Council Plan is Coventry City Council's top-level strategy. It sets out the Council's vision and priorities for the city. 

As set out in the Council's performance management framework, our priorities are delivered through a series of key strategies. 

We regularly report on our performance towards the Council Plan to the Scrutiny Co-ordination Committee and the Cabinet.

Our key strategies are:

Globally connected: promoting the growth of a sustainable Coventry economy

The following are our key strategies dealing with jobs and growth, skills, housing, culture and sports:

In addition, we make reference to the following sub-regional strategies:

Locally committed: improving the quality of life for Coventry people

The following are our key strategies dealing with children and young people, education, health and wellbeing, social care, waste and recycling, street scene:

Delivering our priorities

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