One Coventry Plan annual performance report 2018-19


One Coventry

One Coventry is the narrative that describes the Council’s objectives, key strategies and approaches. It includes the Council’s vision and priorities; new ways of working; and core areas of activity. One Coventry will help improve the city and improve people’s lives; deliver the Council Plan; better use resources to deliver better outcomes for people; and help the Council meet the challenges of increasing demand and reduction in funding.

One Coventry Plan (Council Plan)

The One Coventry Plan sets out our vision and priorities for the city:

Globally connected

Promote the growth of a sustainable Coventry economy by:

  • supporting businesses to grow;
  • developing the city centre;
  • creating infrastructure for the city to thrive; and
  • raising the profile of Coventry.

And ensure that residents share in the benefits by:

  • helping local people into jobs;
  • increasing the supply, choice and quality of housing;
  • reducing the impact of poverty; and
  • increasing access to arts, sports and cultural opportunities.

Locally committed

Improve the quality of life for Coventry people by:

  • creating an attractive, cleaner and greener city;
  • improving educational outcomes;
  • making communities safer; and
  • improving health and wellbeing.

Especially for our most vulnerable residents by:

  • protecting our most vulnerable people; and
  • reducing health inequalities.

Delivering our priorities with fewer resources

Make the most of our assets and work closer with partners and residents to enable people to do more for themselves.

About the performance report

This annual performance report sets out the progress made towards the One Coventry Plan. For each objective, this report sets out the trends, actions taken, and performance metrics, to provide an objective assessment of the progress made against previous years and with other places.


The Council uses indicators to show progress made towards its priorities. This is supported by a wider basket of measures such as equality and perception measures that help explain the trends and story behind the headlines. Indicators are selected from key strategies and aligned to directorate priorities.

Open data

Infographics, open data, maps and a publication schedule are available. This year, progress have been made towards developing a Citywide Intelligence Hub, a one-stop data platform providing a “single source of truth” of data and evidence about Coventry.

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