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What do I need to do when I demolish a property?

When you demolish a property, please keep dust, noise and smoke to a minimum. Also avoid creating obstructions or damage to pavements. Here are a few tips to help you:


Keep dust down by spraying with water when and where you can.


Particularly noisy operations (such as pile driving) may need tougher controls. Pumps and generators should not be left running overnight if they can be heard outside the site.
If you are a householder doing some or all the work yourself, try to avoid causing any noise or dust in the evenings or on Sundays.
If noise problems occur, ourselves, and the neighbours can take legal action. If you think your work may cause a significant nuisance to neighbours from noise or vibration, apply to us for prior consent and we will allow a certain level of noise to occur.


  • Bonfires that release "dark smoke" are illegal and we will prosecute any offenders
  • Stop the bonfire at the end of the working day

Obstruction and damage to pavements

  • Do not let vehicles or materials block or damage the pavements.
  • Do not leave obstacles, holes or trenches where they are a danger, especially to disabled people (such as people with visual impairments).
  • We may charge you for any damage caused to pavements, kerbs or verges by lorries or heavy plant.


Bats, a protected in species in the UK and across Europe, use buildings/bridges for roosting. The Bat Conservation Trust has provided documents which should be read so you know how any demolition works affect bats and the procedures to follow to minimise disturbance to these animals during works.

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