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Ernesford Grange School - July 2013

Demolition of existing school building and redevelopment of the site to create a part single and part 2 and 3 storey building to house new secondary school.

Automotive Innovation Centre, University of Warwick - August 2013

Development of a new academic building for the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC). A building of up to 35,000 sqm GEA is required, up to five storeys in height. The site area is 2.21 hectares and a copy of the site plan is enclosed.

Land West of Bennetts Road South  - September 2013

Proposed Highway Improvement Scheme for Whitley Junction - September 2013

The work which is the subject of the Environmental Statement to which this Scoping report relates is for highway improvements to Whitley Junction and roundabout which comprises the following elements:

a new highway bridge over the A444; two new bridge slip-roads permitting traffic to enter and exit the A444 northbound; the redirection of an existing cycleway over the new bridge; extension of an existing bridge over the River Sherbourne; a new ramped footway for the diverted River Sherbourne Path, the extension of an existing toucan (combined pedestrian/cycle) crossing; the erection of retaining walls at Whitley Junction bridge, and; the re-alignment and signalising of the existing A444 approaches to the Whitley roundabout.

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