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Planning obligation (section 106 agreements)

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  1. Planning obligation (Section 106 agreements)
  2. Section 106 agreements
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  2. Draft Section 106

Planning obligation (Section 106 agreements)

A Section 106 is an agreement between the Council and a Developer. These agreements are put in place when the Developer agrees to provide certain things that could reduce the negative impact that a development may cause. For example, when a Housing Development is granted, the Developer may agree to create a greenspace or park so that it can be enjoyed by the local neighbourhood. 

Planning obligations are legal contracts and these are made under Section 106 of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act and they are an agreement between Council's and Landowners. A Landowner may also offer a unilateral (one-sided) Section 106 obligation. 

Other types of agreements can include:

  • Restrictions on the development or use of the land in a certain way
  • That certain operations or activities are carried out on the land;
  • That the land be used in a certain way;
  • That money is paid to the Council to cover all or part of infrastructure costs such as roads, schools, or community needs

The Section 106 spreadsheet tells you what developments are taking place in your local area.

The online map provides links to the current Section 106 agreements. 

Find out more about Section 106 agreements or Planning obligations.

How to enquire about Legal Agreements

Take a look at our online form that you can use, where you can find out if there is a Section 106 agreement in place yourself, or we can search for you at a cost of £41.00 (including VAT).

Or, we can provide information on the contributions that are detailed in the agreement - a payment of £41 (including VAT) for each contribution requested.

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