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Ways we can support businesses

The key aims are to enable businesses to begin to reopen in a way that continues to respect social distancing and to ensure the safety of both staff and customers.

Our approach to ensuring businesses can begin to reopen safely will mean temporary changes to highways, licensing and amenities to accommodate businesses and ensure everyone's safety. We will be flexible with our approach and work closely with our businesses throughout this process, reviewing and changing interventions if they are not working.

To help in this process we can arrange to visit licensed premises and food businesses who need help with complying with the new guidance. A lot of the new guidance will rely on sensible co-operation between all of us so that we can do all that we can to help ensure a safe and successful reopening.

To ensure you operate within the licensing requirements and to support you with any planned changes we need to know some additional details, such as whether you need more outside space.

If you haven't already, please complete an electronic questionnaire letting us know of your plans for re-opening so that we can help with any queries you may have.

Licensed premises must refer to the conditions on your licence, as these will remain in force, and if you have any questions regarding these, or need to make any changes, please contact the Licensing Team at [email protected]

Ways we can support businesses include:

  • Timed road closures in certain streets - this will only be considered where there is a heavy concentration of food and drink retailers, extra space is needed for the use of tables and chairs, security and safety has been considered and/or closure of the road is the only way to ensure safe queuing and social distancing is possible.
  • Fast tracking applications for more tables and chairs outdoors - If you already hold a licence for tables and chairs and want to apply for a licence to use more, we are introducing a fast track process of assessments. If you do not already hold a licence and wish to apply for one, please contact: [email protected]

We will look sympathetically on applications for tables and chairs to be used outside premises but we will prioritise businesses that already use them and carefully consider the impact any new proposals might have on those living nearby, on pedestrians or on the safety of other businesses. We must avoid a situation where any business can trade on the streets as this would quickly become unsustainable.

Whilst parking will be removed in certain streets, the council recognises that these schemes cannot take up all kerbside parking in an area. Parking wherever possible will be maintained.

The area customers can use must be clearly defined both on a pre-agreed plan and on the street. The area must be in front of the premises which is intending to trade, unless there is clear agreement from neighbouring businesses or residents to use other space outside other frontages.

Any proposals must allow space for access to any adjoining premises or separate parts of the same building with sufficient space for social distancing.

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