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Venues using tables and chairs

To provide businesses the opportunity to safely offer food and drinks to their customers we will support the use of tables and chairs outside, especially in those areas where we will temporarily introduce timed road closures.This policy will apply across the city to areas that include where roads remain open, provided adequate space exists on the pavement and businesses want to bring forward proposals for their premises.

We are asking businesses taking advantage of the temporary use of outside space to provide or manage themselves the necessary marshalling, social distancing measures and toilet facilities.

If you are using outdoor seating, please be aware that:

  • Hospitality venues will need to ensure they have a licence for tables and chairs if they wish to have patrons outside of their venue as well as adjusting service approaches to minimise staff contact with customers. You can do this by emailing [email protected]
  • Indoor table service must be used where possible, alongside further measures such as assigning a single staff member per table. Outdoor table service should also be encouraged, although customers are permitted to stand outside if distanced appropriately.
  • Where bar or counter service is unavoidable, businesses must try and prevent customers from remaining at the bar or counter after ordering.
  • Premises must keep the area used for trading and adjacent areas free from waste during trading. At the end of trading, businesses must sweep and wash this area to ensure the street is left in a presentable state for other users.
  • At the end of the day tables and chairs they must be brought inside the premises.
  • Premises must check and confirm that their use of the outside area is covered by appropriate insurance, including public liability insurance to the same extent as would be the case for their normal operation.
  • If we receive sustained complaints from residents which we believe are justified on either public health or nuisance grounds, we will review any scheme.
  • We will look sympathetically on applications for tables and chairs to be used outside premises but we will prioritise businesses that already use them and carefully consider the impact any new proposals might have on those living nearby, on pedestrians or on the safety of other businesses. We must avoid a situation where any business can trade on the streets as this would quickly become unsustainable.
  • Whilst parking will be removed in certain streets, the council recognises that these schemes cannot take up all kerbside parking in an area. Parking wherever possible will be maintained.
  • The area customers can use must be clearly defined both on a pre-agreed plan and on the street. The area must be in front of the premises which is intending to trade, unless there is clear agreement from neighbouring businesses or residents to use other space outside other frontages.
  • Any proposals must allow space for access to any adjoining premises or separate parts of the same building with sufficient space for social distancing.

Please contact [email protected] for more information or to apply for any licences.

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