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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

This is affecting us all at work and at home. We’re working hard to keep services running and focusing on the most critical. This means some services may be affected. For help, call 08085 834333.

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What's on in libraries

Reading, play, poetry and writers groups

For a list of poetry groups, readers groups or writers groups, please visit the events suitable for over-16s page.

Readers' groups (16+)

Do you love reading and long to discuss the books you have read? Whether you loved or loathed a book, why not join one of Coventry Libraries Readers' Groups to share your opinions.

  • Free to attend
  • Suitable for adults (16+)
  • Open to everyone

Readers' groups are great places to meet other people who love to read, talk about books and discover new authors and genres that you may not have thought of trying. Our groups across libraries in Coventry are friendly and informal. New members are always welcome. You do not need any literary knowledge to join a readers' group, you just need to enjoy reading! There is no need to worry if you haven't finished the book or didn't like it, you can still come along and join in.

Some members of Readers' Groups read the same title as each other to discuss at their meeting each month; others read something different each time. You don't have to be an expert, just willing to chat about what you've read. We are sometimes able to arrange for authors to visit readers' groups to talk about their books. We also keep group members up to date about book news and author events with our regular email.

We have a readers' pack for you to take a look at if you would like to set up your own readers' group. Library based readers' groups are not always run by staff but you can use the library as your meeting place. We will promote your group in the list below and on our monthly events leaflets.

If you would like to share your thoughts about a particular book from one of your meetings, you can submit a review by emailing [email protected]

Register your readers' group

Register your readers' group with us and request titles from our readers' group collection

If you would like to receive titles from our readers' group collection, you will need to register your readers' group with us. Titles you request will be delivered to the library of your choice for collection.

Register your readers' group online

Register your readers' group in person

  • Go to the staff desk

Request a title for your next readers' group

If you are registered with us to receive titles from our readers' group collection, you can request any title from the collection. You should ensure you have submitted your request at least two weeks before your next meeting to ensure we can supply your title on time. You should also provide us with at least two titles for your readers' group so we can ensure we can supply one of them and will be in contact if we cannot supply either title.

If your group reads a mixture of titles at each meeting you can borrow titles from the general library stock, check the catalogue and reserve your title. Struggling to find an author? Check out "Who Else Writes Like"

Request a title for your next readers' group online

Request a title for your next readers' group over the phone

  • Phone any library during opening hours (Find a library)
  • You will need to provide the author, title, number of copies and the date of your next meeting

Request a title for your next readers' group in person

  • Go to the staff desk with the author, title, number of copies and the date of your next meeting

Earlsdon Literary Magazine

 Earlsdon Literary Magazine is the monthly newsletter of the avid readers at Earlsdon Library.

Titles available for loan to readers' groups

There are over 150 titles available in the readers' group collection for the exclusive use of readers' groups registered with the library service. Books are usually supplied as mixed sets of hardback and paperback copies. Other formats are available on request but please note that these formats will be loaned from normal circulating stock and may be out on loan.

The complete list of titles available for readers' groups to loan is available as a download.

Readers groups online

Can't make it to any of these readers groups? You can chat about your favourite books and review them online by joining the following free book group forums Good reads groups & Book Club Forum. You can also suggest new titles to other readers groups and apply for offers for your group through Readers Groups for Everyone, you will need a special code to do so, once you have signed up for a free account. Please ask a member of staff for your Library's code.

For specialist reader development advice, contact our Reading and Literacy Coordinator, Lesley Martin: [email protected] or 024 7683 2703

For general Readers Group enquiries please email [email protected]

Play readers' groups (16+)

The play readers’ groups based in libraries are open to everyone, free to attend, with new members always welcome.

Register your play readers’ group

If you would like to register your play readers’ group, you can do so online or in person. If you register your play readers’ group with the library service, you have access to the play set collection held at Central Library for the exclusive use of play readers’ groups. The library service can also help promote community-based groups, who do not meet at their local library.

Register your play readers’ group online

Register your play readers’ group in person.

  • Go to the staff desk

Request a title for your next play readers’ group

If you would like to request titles from us for your next play readers’ group, you can do so online, over the phone or in person.

Request a title for your next play readers’ group online

Request a title for your next play readers’ group over the phone

  • Phone any library during opening hours (Find a library)
  • You will need to provide the playwright, title, number of copies required and the date of your next meeting

Request a title for your next play readers’ group in person

  • Go to the staff desk
  • You will need to provide the playwright, title, number of copies required and the date of your next meeting

Where to find play readers’ groups (community-based)

Please note: The library service strongly advises you to check the dates and times of groups in community-based locations as they are not managed by the library service.

Titles available for play readers’ groups to loan

The complete list of titles available for play readers’ groups to loan is published below.

  • Aeschylus - The Oresteian Trilogy
  • Albee, Edward - The Zoo Story
  • Anouilh, Jean - Becket or The Honour of God
  • Anouilh, Jean - The Lark
  • Anouilh, Jean - Ring Round the Moon
  • Anouilh, Jean - The Waltz of the Toreadors
  • Arden, John - Serjeant Musgrave's Dance
  • Aristophanes - Lysistrata
  • Ayckbourn, Alan - How the Other Half Loves
  • Ayckbourn, Alan - Three Plays
  • Ayckbourn, Alan - Mixed Doubles
  • Ayckbourn, Alan - The Norman Conquests
  • Ayckbourn, Alan - Ten Times Table
  • Ayckbourn, Alan - Time and Time Again
  • Bagnold, Enid - The Chalk Garden
  • Barrie, James Matthew - The Admirable Crichton
  • Batson, George - The House on the Cliff
  • Benfield, Derek - Wild Goose Chase
  • Besier, Rudolf - The Barretts of Wimpole Street
  • Bloomfield, Robert - Portrait of Murder
  • Bolt, Robert - A Man for All Seasons
  • Bolt, Robert - Vivat Vivat Regina
  • Bond, Edward - Narrow Road to the Deep North
  • Bond, Edward - Saved
  • Box, Muriel - A Marriage Has Been Disarranged
  • Brecht, Bertolt - The Caucasian Chalk Circle
  • Brighouse, Harold - Hobson's Choice
  • Browne, Wynard - The Holly and the Ivy
  • Camoletti, Marc - Boeing Boeing
  • Carroll, Paul Vincent - Beauty is Fled
  • Carroll, Paul Vincent - The King Who Could Not Laugh
  • Cary, Falkland Litton - An Air for Murder
  • Cary, Falkland Litton - Crystal Clear
  • Cary, Falkland Litton - The Proof of the Poison
  • Cary, Falkland Litton - The Recco
  • Chappell, Eric - The Banana Box
  • Charles, Moie - Murder at the Vicarage
  • Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich - The Seagull
  • Christie, Agatha - An Afternoon at the Seaside
  • Christie, Agatha - The Mousetrap
  • Christie, Agatha - The Patient
  • Christie, Agatha - The Rats
  • Christie, Agatha - Spider's Web
  • Christie, Agatha - The Unexpected Guest
  • Christie, Agatha - Witness for the Prosecution
  • Coke, Peter - Breath of Spring
  • Coke, Peter - Fool's Paradise
  • Coke, Peter - Midsummer Milk
  • Collins, Freda - Folk Tale Plays
  • Congreve, William - The Way of the World
  • Cooney, Ray - My Giddy Aunt
  • Cooney, Ray - Not Now Darling
  • Coward, Noel - Blithe Spirit
  • Coward, Noel - Nude with Violin
  • Coward, Noel - Present Laughter
  • Coward, Noel - Relative Values
  • Coward, Noel - Still Life
  • Cox, Constance - Everyman
  • Cox, Constance - Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
  • Cox, Constance - Maria Marten or Murder in the Red Barn
  • Coxe, Louis O. - Billy Budd
  • Cruden, Thomas - Life of Hercules: Page One
  • Delaney, Shelagh - The Lion in Love
  • Delderfield, Ronald Frederick - Home is the Hunted
  • Delderfield, Ronald Frederick - Worm's Eye View
  • Dickens, Charles - A Christmas Carol (ad. Sutton, Shaun)
  • Dickens, Charles - A Christmas Carol (dramatised Foss, Kenelm)
  • Dighton, John - The Happiest Days of Your Life
  • Dinner, William - The Late Edwina Black
  • Douglas, Felicity - According to the Evidence
  • Du Maurier, Daphne - Rebecca
  • Durbridge, Francis - Suddenly at Home
  • Durrenmatt, Friedrich - The Physicists
  • Dyer, Charles R. - Rattle of a Simple Man
  • East, Donald - The Lucky One
  • Eliot, Thomas Stearns - The Cocktail Party
  • England, Barry - Conduct Unbecoming
  • Feely, Terence - Who Killed Santa Claus?
  • Feydeau, Georges - A Flea in Her Ear
  • Frayn, Michael - Alarms and Excursions
  • Frayn, Michael - Benefactors
  • Friel, Brian - The Freedom of the City
  • Friel, Brian - Lovers
  • Frisby, Terence - There's a Girl in my Soup
  • Fry, Christopher - Plays
  • Galsworthy, John - Famous Plays
  • Gogol, Nikolai Vasilevich - The Government Inspector
  • Goldman, James - The Lion in Winter
  • Goldsby, Angela and Robert - Let's Get a Divorce
  • Goldsmith, Oliver - She Stoops to Conquer or The Mistakes of a Night
  • Goodman, Jules Eckert - Treasure Island
  • Gow, Ronald - Scuttleboom's Treasure
  • Halliwell, David - Little Malcolm and His Struggle against the Eunuchs
  • Hamilton, Patrick - Gaslight
  • Harris, Elmer - Johnny Belinda
  • Harris, Richard - Who Goes Bare?
  • Harvey, Wilfred - All the Tea in China
  • Hastings, Charlotte - Bonaventure
  • Holland, Norman - The Militants
  • Home, William Douglas - The Bishop and the Actress
  • Home, William Douglas - The Chiltern Hundreds
  • Home, William Douglas - The Secretary Bird
  • Horne, Kenneth - And this was Odd
  • Horne, Kenneth - Fools Rush In
  • Horne, Kenneth - Jane Step's Out
  • Horne, Kenneth - Wolf's Clothing
  • Houghton, Stanley - Dear Departed
  • Houghton, Stanley - Hindle Wakes: Play in Three Acts
  • Hsiung, Shih I. - Lady Precious Stream
  • Ibsen, Henrik - A Doll's House
  • Ibsen, Henrik - An Enemy of the People
  • Ionesco, Eugene - Rhinoceros
  • Jacobs, W. W. - The Monkey's Paw
  • Johnson, Philip - April Dawn
  • Johnson, Philip - Charade
  • Johnson, Philip - The Late Miss Cordell
  • Johnson, Philip - Master Dudley
  • Johnson, Philip - Where Every Prospect Pleases
  • Jonson, Ben - The Alchemist
  • Kelly, John Donald - Queer Street
  • Kesselring, Joseph - Arsenic and Old Lace
  • King, Philip - Big.. Bad.. Mouse!
  • King, Philip - Dark Lucy
  • King, Philip - Elementary, My Dear
  • King, Philip - Go Bang Your Tambourine
  • King, Philip - Here We Come Gathering
  • King, Philip - I'll Get My Man
  • King, Philip - Milk and Honey
  • King, Philip - Murder in Company
  • King, Philip - Rock-a-Bye, Sailor
  • King, Philip - So Far - No Further
  • Knott, Frederick - Dial M for Murder
  • Knott, Frederick - Wait Until Dark
  • Laurie, Rona - Mrs Tiggy-Winkle and Friends
  • Lawler, Ray - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
  • Levy, Benn - The Rape of the Belt
  • Lodge, David - The Writing Game
  • Lovegrove, Arthur - Just Another Day
  • Luke, Peter - Hadrian the Seventh
  • McCracken, Esther - Quiet Wedding
  • McLoughlin, Maurice - Brush with a Body
  • Mackie, Philip - The Whole Truth
  • Marriott, Anthony - No Sex, Please - We're British
  • Maugham, William Somerset - The Constant Wife
  • Melville, Alan - Dear Charles
  • Mercer, David - Ducksong
  • Mercer, David - Flint
  • Millar, Ronald - Abelard and Heloise
  • Millar, Ronald - The Bride and the Bachelor
  • Millar, Ronald - Waiting for Gillian
  • Miller, Arthur - Death of a Salesman
  • Miller, Arthur - A View from the Bridge
  • Mills, Hugh - The House by the Lake
  • Milne, Alan Alexander - The Man in the Bowler Hat
  • Milne, Alan Alexander - The Ugly Duckling
  • Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin - The Miser
  • Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin - The School for Wives (ad. Malleson, Miles)
  • Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin - Tartuffe or The Imposter
  • Morris, Thomas Baden - Cloud over the Morning
  • Morris, Thomas Baden - Little Nut-Tree
  • Morris, Thomas Baden - The Sleeping Fires
  • Mortimer, John - Collaborators
  • Mortimer, John - Collect your Hand Baggage
  • Mortimer, John - Knightsbridge
  • Mortimer, John - Lunch Hour
  • Mortimer, John - Two Stars for Comfort
  • Mortimer, John - A Voyage round my Father
  • Murdoch, Iris - A Severed Head
  • Naughton, Bill - Alfie
  • Naughton, Bill - All in Good Time
  • Naughton, Bill - Spring and Port Wine
  • Nichols, Peter - The National Nurse or Nurse Norton's Affair
  • Obey, Andre - Noah
  • O'Casey, Sean - Juno and the Paycock
  • Orton, Joe - Entertaining Mr Sloane
  • Orton, Joe - Loot
  • Osborne, John - The Entertainer
  • Parker, David - The Collector
  • Peach, Lawrence du Garde - The White Sheep of the Family
  • Pearn, V. A. - Through the Looking Glass
  • Pinero, Arthur Wing - The Second Mrs Tanqueray
  • Pinero, Arthur Wing - Trelawny of the Wells
  • Pinter, Harold - The Birthday Party
  • Pinter, Harold - The Caretaker
  • Pinter, Harold - The Dumb Waiter
  • Popplewell, Jack - Busybody
  • Popplewell, Jack - Dead on Nine
  • Priestley, John Boynton - Dangerous Corner
  • Priestley, John Boynton - An Inspector Calls and Other Plays: Time and the Conways, I Have Been Here Before and The Linden Tree
  • Priestley, John Boynton - Time and the Conways
  • Priestley, John Boynton - When We Are Married
  • Rattigan, Terence - The Deep Blue Sea
  • Rattigan, Terence - French Without Tears
  • Rattigan, Terence - Harlequinade
  • Rattigan, Terence - Ross
  • Rattigan, Terence - Separate Tables
  • Rayburn, Joyce - Cat in the Bag
  • Rayburn, Joyce - Don't Start Without Me
  • Rayburn, Joyce - The Man Most Likely To
  • Ridley, Arnold - The Ghost Train
  • Roffrey, Jack - Hostile Witness
  • Rosser, Austin - Sweeney Todd
  • Ruskin, Sheila - The Owl and the Pussycat Went to See
  • Saunders, James - Scent of Flowers
  • Sayers, Dorothy Leigh - The Man Born to be King
  • Schnitzler, Arthur - Laronde
  • Shaffer, Peter - Amadeus
  • Shaffer, Peter - Black Comedy
  • Shaffer, Peter - Five Finger Exercise
  • Shaffer, Peter - The Private Ear
  • Shaffer, Peter - The Public Eye
  • Shaffer, Peter - The Royal Hunt of the Sun
  • Shakespeare, William - King Henry V
  • Shakespeare, William - The Merchant of Venice
  • Shakespeare, William - A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Shakespeare, William - Much Ado About Nothing
  • Shakespeare, William - Romeo and Juliet
  • Shakespeare, William - The Tempest
  • Shakespeare, William - The Tragedy of Macbeth
  • Shakespeare, William - Twelfth Night
  • Shaw, George Bernard - Pygmalion
  • Shaw, George Bernard - Saint Joan
  • Sheridan, Richard Brinsley - The Rivals
  • Sherriff, Robert Cedric - Journey's End
  • Simpson, Norman Frederick - One Way Pendulum
  • Simpson, Norman Frederick - A Resounding Tinkle
  • Smith, Dodie - Dear Octopus
  • Spewack, Samuel - My Three Angels
  • Stoppard, Tom - Albert's Bridge
  • Stoppard, Tom - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
  • Storey, David - The Changing Room
  • Storm, Lesley - Roar Like a Dove
  • Taylor, Samuel - Sabrina Fair
  • Terson, Peter - Zigger Zagger / Mooney and his Caravans
  • Thomas, Basil - Book of the Month
  • Travers, Ben - Rookery Nook
  • Turner, Margaret - Come Home, My Children
  • Voight, Cherry - Let's Be Friends
  • Weathers, Philip - Tell-Tale Murder
  • Wesker, Arnold - Chicken Soup with Barley
  • Wesker, Arnold - Roots
  • Westall, Robert - The Machine-Gunners
  • Whiting, John - The Devils
  • Wilde, Oscar - The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Wilde, Oscar - Lady Windermere's Fan
  • Williams, Emlyn - A Murder Has Been Arranged
  • Willis, Ted - Doctor at Sea
  • Willis, Ted - Woman in a Dressing Gown

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