What is Shared Lives?

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I love being a part of this family. There are lots of visitors to the house and I love the ‘hustle and bustle’. I have become friends with lots of other residents who live in the street.

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What is Shared Lives?

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Many of us are aware of how the Local Authority supports children who need families to look after them either through adoption or fostering but what do we do when an adult needs a family environment with care and support? Shared Lives offers adults the opportunity to live with approved Carers in ordinary family homes, experiencing all the advantages, joys and sometimes difficulties of family life. Shared Lives has a forward-thinking team who are passionate about matching the needs of adults with Carers that can offer a family home and a safe, nurturing environment. We offer a person-centred approach to care.

The Scheme is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - the independent regulator of health and social care in England and we are responsible for meeting the fundamental standards of care issued by CQC. They are known as the 5 Key Lines of Enquiry. The Shared Lives scheme must evidence the service is: Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, and Well Led.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in matching the interests, abilities, and personalities of our Carers with individuals wishing to live in Shared Lives. We never take for granted the difference the right Carer can make to an individual’s life by facilitating a Shared Lives placement. It might be a young adult just setting out in life, or an older person who is struggling to live on their own. Whatever the needs and aspirations, Shared Lives can provide an innovative alternative to more traditional models of care.

The Scheme is always recruiting new carers who are offered a full training programme and support during the assessment and approval. Once carers are approved, we match referrals ensuring the Carers skills, abilities and lifestyle will complement the support of an individual placed. Our Carers open their homes and lifestyle to support individuals needing extra support to live fulfilling lives in the heart
of their communities.

Whilst we approve Carers to provide family homes and environments, our aim is to maintain already existing family relationships, to support the natural changes that may occur with the support families offer.

Coventry is delighted to be rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission and is proud of its achievements. The team strives to continue providing an outstanding service, and is always working towards developing and improving the support it offers.

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I go out every day and some nights, I have my own room where I can watch some TV if I want to, and I have Sky, so I watch all the football that I want.

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