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Understanding the Dark and Deep Web

This training is part of the series of workshops we are offering to support your understanding of extremism and radicalisation.  The online arena can be a vulnerable space and used to exploit people.  This session looks at the Dark and Deep Web space in detail.  It will be delivered by our colleagues from SAFEN3T; Nick Daines and Avaia Williams.

Nick has years of experience and specialism in extremism and as a Home Office intervention provider has supported many individuals away from acts of violence.  He has a background of expertise in psychology, security, mental health, extremism, gangs, propaganda and safeguarding.

Avaia is a researcher and law student.  Working directly with the police and the Internet Watch Foundation, Avi is an advocate for promoting the safety of children and works covertly online to expose child groomers.  He has a background with the cyber group ‘Anonymous’ and expertise in cyberpsychology, social media analysis, online trends, exploitation and grooming behaviours.

Target audience

The training is open to all professionals in Coventry who have already completed a Prevent Awareness session either in person or online.  We particularly encourage colleagues who work directly with children, adults and families to attend.

Course outline

  • Understand the difference between the types of internet
  • Understand the history of the DarkWeb
  • Look at ‘Tor’ and ‘Bitcoin’
  • Have a better understanding of DarkWeb sites
  • Discuss social and legal implications of the DarkWeb
  • Understand the process of radicalisation and self-radicalisation
  • Explore how social media and the internet facilitate and magnify extremism
  • Discuss issues such as ‘ClickBaiting’ and ‘Echo-Chambers’
  • Explore some of the psychology exploited by extreme groups


Book your place via Eventbrite, password: Coventry2021

Date Time

11 May 2021


9 June 2021


8 July 2021


11 August 2021


14 September 2021


The training will be delivered virtually using Zoom.  You will be sent a link approximately 1 week before the session.

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