Job description and person specification

  • Job Title: Director of Public Health and Wellbeing
  • Grade: D2
  • Reports to: Chief Partnership Officer
  • People manager responsibility: Yes   
  • Number of reports: Public Health Team – 40 staff, Insight – 40 staff, Migration team – 30 staff
  • Usual base: One Friargate Coventry with regular travel across Coventry and the region
  • Post Number: 1021095  

About Coventry City Council

Who we are: At Coventry City Council we are dedicated to making a positive difference to the services we deliver to the citizens of Coventry. The work we do improves people’s lives – from helping them into work to providing clean and green places to live, to keeping people safe and protected.

As a Coventry City Council employee, you have our ongoing commitment to your growth and development with opportunities to work across multiple service areas including customer contact, public health prevention and education and skills, adults and children’s services and provide support for the most vulnerable.

Our aim is simple – to be globally connected, locally committed, deliver our priorities with fewer resources whilst effectively managing our performance and measuring our progress.

Our Values: We expect everyone who works for us to be committed to our One Coventry values and to share our commitment to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation:

About the service your team will provide

Purpose of the role

To support the Chief Partnerships Officer in developing and delivering a One Coventry approach to achieving corporate plan outcomes.

To be the Council’s designated Director of Public Health & Wellbeing for improving the health and wellbeing of the residents of Coventry and provide expert advice on public health, health improvement and health protection.

As a key leader within the Coventry and Warwickshire Integrated Care System, translate national public health policy into local action by developing clear, targeted and long-term strategies to support improvements in health and reduce health inequalities.

To influence and work in partnership with other leaders in health and social care, education, housing, jobs, economic policy and infrastructure to shape services in ways that deliver maximum improvement in health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities in line with our commitment as a Marmot City.

To lead a diverse range of services to achieve successful outcomes for the city and Council, inspiring others to give of their best.

Key accountabilities

Main duties and responsibilities

Be statutory chief officer of the authority and the principal adviser on all health matters to elected members, officers and partners, with a leadership role spanning health improvement, health protection and healthcare public health and as such have responsibility for the health of the local population, for delivery of key public health goals. Be the chief source of public health leadership and expert advice on all aspects of public health; ensure that resources are brought to bear across the public sector to promote health and well-being for the whole community.

To be a visible system leader for health and wellbeing across Coventry, working with the ICS and Health and Wellbeing Board partners and neighbouring authorities to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities for Coventry residents.

Work closely with National and Regional Public Health Infrastructure at the local level and with the NHS to ensure high levels of local resilience and appropriate public health responses to the whole spectrum of potential problems, from local incidents and outbreaks to emergencies.

Use this professional system leadership role to optimise the contribution that the NHS and other partners can make to improve public health outcomes and reduce inequalities.

To be lead officer for analysing and interpreting the needs of our communities and for the delivery of Joint Strategic Needs. Assessment, Health and Wellbeing Strategy and an independent annual report on the health of the population.

Work closely with other Council senior officers to promote and protect health and wellbeing, tackle health inequalities, and play a lead role in the commissioning of health services and liaison with the Integrated Care System. 

As part of the Corporate Leadership Team, work collaboratively with peers on all strategic matters to deliver the One Coventry Plan, encouraging a collaborative organisational culture focused upon improvement and high performance. 

Lead on strategy development, policy planning and policy formulation as required of the statutory Director of Public Health & Wellbeing. 

With regard to population health, provide public health expertise, advice and analysis to the Integrated Care System and the Health and Wellbeing Board and take a lead role in working with the Cabinet, elected members, council senior officers and partners to deliver the health and wellbeing strategy. 

Actively promote asset-based approaches to enabling enhanced wellbeing, particularly for those parts of Coventry’s community and City whose life chances are far lower than other communities/areas.

Represent Coventry at a regional, devolved level through collaborative campaigns, programmes and interventions aimed at protecting improving the health & wellbeing of the population.

Provide effective professional leadership, exercising overall responsibility for the management and performance of direct reports including their supervision of professional standards and competence, their management of individual performance and development and improvements to service delivery and practice. 

Undertake the role of Caldicott Guardian to make sure that the personal information about those who use council services is used legally, ethically and appropriately, and that confidentiality is maintained.

To ensure insight, corporate intelligence, analysis and engagement activity are part of an integrated corporate resource which enables effective strategic and policy development.

To lead an integrated strategic commissioning process for the council working closely with other service directors, Warwickshire County Council and the Integrated Care System to achieve coherence for Coventry residents. 

To take a strategic lead role in areas that encompass a remit wider than public health for example community safety, domestic abuse and newly arrived communities.

Be responsible for significant delegated financial budgets and resources ensuring they are allocated effectively for the delivery of high-quality services, in a manner that demonstrates value for money and compliance with relevant policies and procedures.

Be integral to the transformation of the City Council and public services across the city through the delivery of a One Coventry approach.

Any other duties and responsibilities within the range of the salary grade.

Management responsibility

To be accountable for the Public Health Insight and Migration budget, incorporating Public Health Grant.

Line management responsibility, including revalidation where required for the following teams:

  • Public Health team of about 40 posts covering health inequalities, lifestyles, health protection, violence prevention and public health commissioning.
  • Insight Team totalling about 40 staff that responsible for corporate plan, public health intelligence and analysis, social care data analysis, community engagement, community resilience and equalities. 
  • Migration team of about 30 posts supporting asylum seekers and refugee settlement programmes. 

Any other allocated team as determined by the CEO. 

Act as educational supervisor for any Public Health Trainees. 

Statutory responsibility

The Director of Public Health is the system leader for improving the health and wellbeing of residents, reducing inequalities in health outcomes and protecting local communities from public health hazards (infectious diseases and environmental threats). As such, the Director of Public Health is a statutory chief officer of the authority and the principal adviser on all health matters to elected members, officers and partners, with a leadership role spanning health improvement, health protection and healthcare public health. Section 73A(1) of the NHS Act 2006, inserted by section 30 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, gives the Director of Public Health responsibility for:

  • all of their local authority’s duties to improve public health
  • any of the Secretary of State’s public health protection or health improvement functions that s/he delegates to local authorities, either by arrangement or under regulations – these include services mandated by regulations made under section 6C of the 2006 Act, inserted by section 18 of the 2012 Act
  • exercising their local authority’s functions in planning for, and responding to, emergencies that present a risk to public health
  • their local authority’s role in co-operating with the police, the probation service and the prison service to assess the risks posed by violent or sexual offenders
  • such other public health functions as the Secretary of State specifies in regulations
  • producing an independent annual report on the health of local communities

In order to deliver their responsibilities on behalf of the residents of Coventry the DPH will need to be a visible system leader in the health and wellbeing partnership arrangements. The DPH will be expected to use all the resources at their disposal to ensure that the local public health system is able to tackle the full range of determinants of health affecting communities in Coventry. Working with local communities, he/she should be able to inspire development of innovative solutions that support improvements in health and wellbeing and reduction in health inequalities whilst at the same time maintaining the confidence of Councillors and government.

Standard information

Post holders will be accountable for carrying out all duties and responsibilities with due regard to Code of Conduct, Safeguarding, Health & Safety and the City Council’s Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Policies.

Duties which include processing of any personal data must be undertaken within the corporate data protection guidelines.

Smoke Free

The City Council is Smoke - Free. Smoking is not permitted on any of our premises or the surrounding land including car parking facilities.


The postholder must attend any training that is identified as mandatory to their role.

Faculty of Public Health: competencies expected of all public health consultants / specialists

All consultants irrespective of their background are expected to be proficient in the competencies set out below:

  1. Use of public health intelligence to survey and assess a population’s health and wellbeing
    To be able to synthesise data into information about the surveillance or assessment of a population’s health and wellbeing from multiple sources that can be communicated clearly and inform action planning to improve population health outcomes.
  2. Assessing the evidence of effectiveness of interventions, programmes and services intended to improve the health or wellbeing of individuals or populations
    To be able to use a range of resources to generate and communicate appropriately evidenced and informed recommendations for improving population health across operational and strategic health and care settings.
  3. Policy and strategy development and implementation
    To be able to influence and contribute to the development of policy and lead the development and implementation of a strategy.
  4. Strategic leadership and collaborative working for health
    To use a range of effective strategic leadership, organisational and management skills, in a variety of complex public health situations and contexts, dealing effectively with uncertainty and the unexpected to achieve public health goals.
  5. Health Improvement, Determinants of Health, and Health Communication
    To influence and act on the broad determinants and behaviours influencing health at a system, community and individual level.
  6. Health Protection
    To identify, assess and communicate risks associated with hazards relevant to health protection, and to lead and co-ordinate the appropriate public health response.
  7. Health and Care Public Health
    To be able to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, safety, reliability, responsiveness and equity of health and care services through applying insights from multiple sources including formal research, health surveillance, needs analysis, service monitoring and evaluation.
  8. Academic public health
    To add an academic perspective to all public health work undertaken. Specifically, to be able to critically appraise evidence to inform policy and practice, identify evidence gaps with strategies to address these gaps, undertake research activities of a standard that is publishable in peer reviewed journals and demonstrate competence in teaching and learning across all areas of public health practice.
  9. Professional, personal and ethical development
    To be able to shape, pursue actively and evaluate your own personal and professional development, using insight into your own behaviours and attitudes and their impact to modify behaviour and to practise within the framework of the GMC's Good Medical Practice (as used for appraisal and revalidation for consultants in public health) and the UKPHR’s Code of Conduct.
  10. Integration and application for consultant practice
    To be able to demonstrate the consistent use of sound judgment to select from a range of advanced public health expertise and skills, and to use them effectively, working at senior organisational levels, to deliver improved population health in complex and unpredictable environments.
    The DPH as a public health leader is expected to have both the technical expertise as well as the ability to use those techniques to both, lead and support the development of complex solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities. In addition, they are expected to have skills and the attitudes to be able to present the results of applying their technical expertise so that they are understandable and stimulate actions by a range of individuals and organisations.

Person specification


  • Experience of working in senior public health roles with a track record of delivering public health improvements.
  • Evidence of being able to add public health values to corporate agenda.
  • High level programme management skills.
  • Experience of working in complex political and social environments.
  • Experience of establishing and promoting clear public health vision aligned to the corporate business strategy and consistent with government policy.
  • Experience of successful working with local authority elected members.

Skills and abilities

  • Strategic thinker with proven leadership skills.
  • Developed staff management skills; providing clear vision and objective setting and willingness to tackle sub-optimal performance.
  • Evidence of management of a significant budget.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, able to persuade and influence stakeholders in a political environment (including confidence in dealing with the media and the public).
  • Ability to respond appropriately in unplanned and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Ability to design, develop, interpret and implement policies.


  • High level of understanding of epidemiology and statistics, public health practice, health protection, health promotion, health economics and health care evaluation.
  • Full understanding of and commitment to addressing relationships and cultures of organisations that impact on the wider determinants of health.
  • Knowledge of methods of developing clinical quality assurance, quality improvement and evidence based clinical and/or public health practice.
  • Understanding of interfaces between health and care.
  • Understanding of social and political environment.
  • Appreciation of the Public Health system across health, local authority and other sectors.


  • Inclusion in the GMC Specialist Register/GDC Specialist List or UK Public Health (Specialist) Register (UKPHR).
  • Public health specialist registrar and specialist trainee applicants who are not yet on the GMC Specialist Register/GDC Specialist List in dental public health/UKPHR must provide verifiable signed documentary evidence that they are within 6 months of gaining entry at the date of interview;  all other applicants must provide verifiable signed documentary evidence that they have applied for inclusion in the GMC/GDC/UKPHR specialist registers.
  • Applicants must meet minimum CPD requirements (i.e. be up-to-date) in accordance with Faculty of Public Health requirements or other recognised body.

Special requirements

This post is exempted under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and as such appointment to this post will be conditional upon the receipt of a satisfactory response to a check of police records via Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

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