Our values

Our One Coventry Values journey

One coventry values logo 1Work to create the ‘One Coventry Values’ commenced in early 2020 with the launch of the HR People Plan. One of its key aims was to develop, introduce and embed a set of organisational values for One Coventry.

Our ‘One Coventry Values’ have been co-created with the support and input of all employees across the Council so they are reflective of how we want to be represented both as colleagues and to the wider community.  We want to ensure there is clarity of purpose through the Council’s vision of our One Coventry Values and Behaviours; putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do.

Moving forward the values will become an integral part of our: Reward Strategy, Appraisals, Recruitment, Attraction and Onboarding, Recognition and Development and Employee Engagement.

Our values

Our values 1

Our values define us as an organisation and influence everything we do and how we treat each other.  We recognise the crucial role each and every one of us plays in helping to achieve our goals. We want Coventry City Council to be an inclusive workplace where people know they are valued and feel empowered in their roles to achieve excellence for our customers and communities.

To achieve this, we have committed to the following six values:

Open and fair

We are open, fair and transparent.

Nurture and develop

We encourage a culture where everyone is supported to do and be the best they can be.

Engage and empower

We engage with our residents and empower our employees to enable them to do the right thing.

Create and innovate

We embrace new ways of working to continuously improve the services we offer.

Own and be accountable

We work together to make the right decisions and deliver the best services for our residents.

Value and respect

We put diversity and inclusion at the heart of all we do.

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