Coven Tree Reading Journey

This year we are extending the reach of the Book Awards with the creation of the Coven Tree Reading Journey.

The package is designed to give your school everything needed to get your students exploring different types of books and encouraging reading for pleasure.

Each of the shortlisted books from the Book Awards on the trunk of the tree has three additional books ‘branching’ off it that are similar in style, or genre or both.

The student first reads some of the shortlisted titles from the Book Awards. They then select one of the books that they enjoyed and try reading one of the suggested extension books.

For every book they read they are rewarded with a sticker which they add to their tree. The more stickers they receive the greater their reward.

Why should my school take part in Coven Tree reading journey?

  • It encourages students to explore what type of books they enjoy rather than following a linear path
  • They are not expected to read all of the books on the tree or even all the shortlisted titles but instead explore the ‘branches’ of the books that most interested them and to find out what else they might like
  • The extension books vary in reading level although all are within the band expected for the age group and the content is age appropriate
  • If your school uses the Accelerated Reader program, you can still use it in conjunction with the reading journey. All the books which have quizzes on Accelerated Reader are marked with an asterisk and the full AR information is on the Extension Book list included in the pack
  • Your school gets a set of 24 books to keep and add to your library or classroom collections that have been carefully selected by professional children’s librarians to cover a wide range of text types and interests which all come with book covers and can include AR stickers if requested
  • All the material to deliver this reading for pleasure program is included in the pack price so that you can get started immediately.

What do I get when I buy a Coven Tree Reading Journey pack?

  1. One copy of the extension books (you will need to buy the Book Awards shortlist separately)
  2. 30 copies of the Reading Journey booklet for your students
  3. Sets of stickers
  4. Digital rewards certificates so that you can print the off as needed
  5. Digital toolkit for teachers so that it can be shared easily across the school
  6. Digital booklist including all AR information where relevant
  7. Digital book notes on all of the extension books so that the teacher and students can know more about the book before they choose it
  8. AR stickers if requested

How much does it cost?

  • For the first Reading Journey pack bought by the school the cost will be £250
  • For between 2-4 additional packs the school will receive a 5% discount
  • For 5 or more additional packs the school will receive a 10% discount

If you would like to look at implementing this across all of the schools in a MAT then we will be happy to discuss the level of discount with you.
The only additional cost is the purchase of the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards shortlist which for Hooked on Books is only an extra £51.55 and this prices includes all of the following for no additional cost to the school; posters and Bookmarks to promote the awards, digital resources on the Book Awards website, invitations to take part in the Hooked on Books Quiz and Book Trailer competition, tickets for the Celebration Event in June.

Which of the Book Awards shortlists can I buy a Reading Journey pack for?

The Reading Journey packs are available for Telling Tales (ages 7-9, Years 2-4) Hooked on Books (ages 9-12, Years 5-8) and Rapid reads (ages 11-16, reluctant readers).

For more information or to discuss the individual needs of your school or MAT then please contact us.

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