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Education Health and Care Plans (EHC Plans)

EHC Plans

An Education, Health and Care plan is a legal document which sets out the special educational provision needed to meet the Special Educational Needs (SEN) of a child/young person. The purpose of this is to secure the best possible outcomes for them across education, health and social care and, as they get older, prepare them for adulthood. 

The "Plan" replaced "Statements of Special Educational Needs" following the introduction of the "Children & Families Act" and "The Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations" in September 2014. If your child/young person currently has still has a statement of Special Educational Needs, the Local Authority's "transition plan" is in place to look at converting it to an EHC plan between now and 31 March 2018. 

Your EHC Plan should:

  • establish and record the views, interests and aspirations of the parents and the child or young person.
  • provide a full description of the child or young person's special educational needs and any health and social care needs
  • establish outcomes across education. health and social care based on the child or young person's needs and aspirations
  • specify the provision required and how education, health and social care services will work together to meet the child or young person's needs and support the achievement of the agreed outcomes. 

These will be outlined in sections A-K of your plan. For more detailed explanations of what must be included in each section, IPSEA have produced an EHC plan checklist

EHC Guidance

SENDIASS have recently produced a guide to help parent/carers and young people understand their EHC plan, whilst the Council for Disabled Children have also produced a helpful guide, drawing on real examples from plans around the country.

Annual Review of an EHC Plan

The Local Authority SEN Management Service will continue to check your child/young person's progress and review the EHC Plans at least once a year to see that it continues to meet his or her needs. You will be invited to this Annual Review meeting which is usually held at your child's educational setting (nursery, school or college). Your views and the views of your child/young person are very important and the following may be of help in supporting you through this process: 

The CDC have also produced a simple video explaining the Annual Review process, that may be helpful.

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