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Presentations and resources from previous events

"Expanding Specialist placements" - a Coventry Local Offer event

This was an opportunity for parents/carers to discuss Coventry Local Authority's approach to expanding specialist placements across the city for those youngsters with EHC plans where mainstream provision is not considered suitable. A copy of the slides used during the event and a run down of the themes that came out from the discussion is available through Coventry's Local Offer website. 

The event was attended by over 30 parents and carers and it provided an excellent source of feedback for the local authority to work with - it is hoped that further discussion will be held in the future.

Emotion Coaching

Coventry's Educational Psychology Team delivered this workshop, which aims to support Children and Young People with their emotional development leading to a more positive impact on their resilience, academic achievement and their behaviours. 

The course has been run a number of times in 2018/19, with extremely positive feedback from parents/carers.

"All parents should have access to this, it would create a much more positive cultural approach to giving children what they need to develop well".

There are also a number of useful websites/videos on the topic which are worth a look. 

Disability Living Allowance

Contact for families delivered a Parent Session in May which showed how to deal with common issues

  1. How to complete a claim form effectively
  2. Rules for those claiming Disability Living Allowance
  3. The process of challenging a benefit decision through the appeals process

Birth to Five Information Workshop Programme

Contact for Families delivered a series of workshops over January and February 2018

Support and Information

  • Know about support services for you and your family 
  • Know how to find support in your local area
  • Understand how to get support

Encouraging Positive Behaviour 

  • Understanding the reasons for behaviour
  • Working with others to encourage positive behaviour
  • Top tips to help

Building Parental Confidence

  • Develop better communication skills
  • Feel more confident to make decisions about your child
  • Prepare for meetings with professionals

Money Matters

  • Know how to improve your finances
  • Understand what you're entitled to
  • Know where to get support

The following presentations are available to download from our previous sessions:

Benefits Information for Carers and Young People

The parent session in December 2017 was presented by an advisor from Coventry Independent Advice Service.  Information was given around benefits that may support young people and their carer’s and also included:

  • What happens at age 16 when transferring from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independent Payment (PIP)
  • Basic conditions for PIP
  • Getting ready for Universal Credit
  • Impact for disabled 16/17 year olds, disabled students and their carer’s.

Additionally an advisor from the Utility team at Coventry Citizens Advice attended and gave information about how to save money on water bills a link is provided below.  Information was also given on how to get help regarding energy advice.

Please see below on how to gain further information:

Moving into Adulthood - preparing and planning together with your young person 24 May 2017

Representatives from the national charity ‘Contact a Family’, joined us to present a very brief overview about planning ahead for your young person. It included the rights of your young person as part of the Children and Families Act and areas you may need to think about, for example:

  • moving into adult education and services
  • friendships
  • work
  • housing

Although this session was a brief outline, it also informed attendees about sources of further information and will be a starting point to help plan your journey ahead.

Planning for the Future - Mencap 28 April 2017

Our April parent session hopefully helped to answer some of those difficult questions parents are often concerned about, as to how their child will manage when they are no longer around. The session was presented by representatives from Mencap and a local solicitor with a specialist background.  Some of the topics covered included:

  • Wills & Trusts
  • Guidance about ‘Letters of Wishes’
  • The legality of safeguarding the young person’s financial future  

Feedback from parents showed how they valued this information in gaining more knowledge about what options are available.  It also helped them to think about what steps they need to take when planning for their young person with special needs and the whole family.

This information and more can be found on Mencap’s website.

You can also contact Mencap on 0207 696 6925, or email: [email protected]

"Understanding how you communicate with your child with ASD" - 7 February 2017

Communication, Interaction (Including Autism) Support Service (CIASS) joined us to deliver a ‘Communication Workshop’

We had some good feedback from the session:

  • "It has made my understand more about me issues my 8 year old son is potentially facing with communication".
  • "How knowledgeable Mandy is. Also a good focussed presentation with interactive events too".
  • "Thank you, really helpful morning, would have like it to be longer!"

Understanding Dyslexia - 7 December 2016

Stuart Hill from North Warwickshire and Coventry Dyslexia Association is joining us again to offer advice and information to parents.

"Paired Reading Intervention" Thursday 20 October 2016

Coventry's Educational Psychology Service will be joining us to demonstrate an approach for helping parents to read with their children at home. Paired reading is a simple but effective way of improving children’s confidence and fluency with reading.

SENDIASS ASD Event "The A Word" - Tuesday 12 July 2016

On Tuesday 12 July The A Word took place at The Welcome Centre, Coventry.  Attended by around 200 people, the event was a great success. Feedback and handouts will appear here shortly.

Attended by special guest speaker, Dean Beadle, who talked about his personal experiences of "Education, Asperger's and Me", Autism West Midlands, CIASS and CAMHS.  

Cerebra, Understanding and Managing Sleep - 23 June 2016

Cerebra joined us to give parents useful information around understanding / managing sleep.

Understanding Dyslexia - 20 April 2016

Lesley Hill from North Warwickshire and Coventry Dyslexia Association joined us to offer advice and information to parents.

Drop-in session for parents/carers of children with SEND - 20 April 2016

The drop-in session took place on Wednesday 20 April 2016 at the Coventry Central Library.  This was an opportunity for parents to meet the team, have a coffee and meet other parents. The event was well attended.  

Behaviour that Challenges - 20 April 2016

Contact A Family joined us on 20 April 2016 to deliver a workshop on Behaviour that Challenges.  

Emotional Health Needs Around The Family - Tuesday 22 March 2016

The Emotional Health Needs Event took place on Tuesday 22 March at The Welcome Centre, Coventry. 

Stall holders joined us to give parents the opportunity to find out more about : 

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem
  • ADHD
  • ASD
  • Social & Emotional Difficulties

Understanding Your Child with Autism and their Sensory Needs - 3 February 2016

Communication and Interaction (Including Autism) Support Service (CIASS) joined us on Wednesday 3 February 2016 to deliver a session on "Understanding Your Child with Autism and their Sensory Needs".  We were pleased that CIASS were able to present the session for parents.  This included an overview of the service they offer to schools across the city. The content of their presentation covered all areas of common themes that children with autism may have difficulty with around their senses.  All five senses were highlighted in the context of some children being ‘over-sensitive’, ‘under-sensitive’ or a mixture of both.  Some of the feedback from parents of what they found most helpful included:

  • “Understanding sensory in a directed use of all areas - taking each one as one individual area.”
  • “Sensory issues including environment can affect how child copes with sensory world.”
  • “Excellent!”
  • “Things to do when they are under or over sensitive to keep them calm and alert.”
  • “Discussing ASD aspects.”

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