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Key Stage 2/Secondary school appeals: Appeal timetable

"OK. I know why I haven't been offered a place, how the process works, and think that my reasons for appealing are worthwhile. How do I register my appeal and how does it work?"

1. The School Appeals Team ([email protected] or tel 024 7697 2647) is responsible for administering the arrangements for appeals for Community Schools and ensuring that they are heard by an Independent Appeal Panel made up of people who have no connection at all with the original decision. The responsibility for appeals for Academy, Trust and Voluntary Aided Schools rests with the individual schools. Parents who are refused places will be advised of the arrangements for making an appeal or should contact the school.

The following schools make arrangements for their own appeals and you should contact the school for details:

  • All Catholic Primary and Secondary voluntary aided schools
  • Blue Coat Church of England School and Music College,
  • Caludon Castle
  • Ernesford Grange
  • Finham Park School
  • Finham Park 2
  • Leigh Church of England Primary
  • Sidney Stringer Academy
  • St Bartholomew’s Church of England primary
  • St John's Church of England Primary
  • St Laurence’s Church of England Primary
  • Stanton Bridge Primary School
  • Stretton Church of England Academy
  • The Westwood Academy
  • West Coventry Academy
  • Whitley Academy

2. Complete the appeals form (or ask for help to do so) and return to Legal Services (appeals) or the school at the address on the letter.

3. Include any documentation that may support your case and indicate whether you are going to attend the appeal in person (and if you require an interpreter). If you do not intend to be present, your case will be heard based on what you've written in your statement and any supporting documentation.

4. You will be informed of the time and date of the appeal at least 10 working days before it is heard.
If you cannot attend this date (it is important to contact the appeals department as soon as possible if this is the case), you can either send someone to represent you, have the appeal heard based on your written statement, or withdraw your case until the next round of appeals.

5. Five working days before the appeal hearing, all parties (yourselves, the Admission Authority and the Appeal panel) will receive the paperwork for the case, including (most importantly) the reason why the Admissions Authority cannot offer a place at the school.

For full details please see the School admissions website with information about appeals, including relevant dates for this year.


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