COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Council suppliers

The City Council is most appreciative of the ongoing commitment and support from our contracted suppliers to maintain services and supplies to the City Council during the Covid-19 outbreak. We fully appreciate that this is a very challenging time and that we will all need to work together in the coming weeks and months. We are aware that some suppliers that provide goods or services to the City Council may experience financial hardship as a consequence of the unprecedented actions taken by the UK government to help mitigate the national and global spread of coronavirus.

The government have announced a series of measures to help support businesses at this time, which we encourage you to look at.

We accept that in these unprecedented times we will need to take a flexible approach to working with our suppliers, with a view to achieving a return to 'business as usual' at some point in the months ahead. We acknowledge that this may include agreeing commercial arrangements that are departures from our agreed contract terms, if they are strongly justified, to ensure critical services are delivered.

If for whatever reason you cannot mitigate the risks on your own and you need to discuss this, please email: [email protected]

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