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Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2023 - have your say

About our Health and Wellbeing Strategy

We are in the process of developing a health and wellbeing strategy for the city which will be the basis for a range of plans and joint working over the next four years in an effort to improve the health of the city.

The strategy is owned by our Coventry Health and Wellbeing Board, which brings together senior leaders from a wide range of agencies and is a plan for reducing health inequalities and improving health and wellbeing for our residents. Together with other local health and care partners we want to use the strategy to guide a range of local services.

Dozens of residents and community groups have already been talking to us about the barriers to better health and we have outlined a strategy that brings even more services together to find solutions.

Our efforts as a Council rely on all of our partners who play a part in improving the quality of life for all our residents. That's why our strategy will also look for more opportunities to work together, share resources and build upon examples of good work across all of our organisations.  

The strategy for 2016-19

The city already has a Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2016-19 which is helping create more integrated services across different agencies. This includes agencies that in the past may not have regarded themselves as providing health and wellbeing services and has led to better outcomes.

In the strategy for future years this will be expanded upon. It's really important that we can get the views of a whole range of groups and individuals and we want people to take a look at the main proposals that we are setting out to address the current challenges in the city.

For example health in the city is below the national average, with residents living in more deprived parts of the city not only living shorter lives but also spending a greater proportion of their lives in poor health. Males living in less deprived parts of the city can expect to live up to 10 years longer; and for females, the gap is eight years compared to more deprived areas of Coventry.

Consultation and next steps

The online survey on the Health and Wellbeing Strategy proposals closed on 3 June 2019. The responses are being analysed and will reported to the Health and Wellbeing Board on 8 July 2019, when the draft Coventry Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-2023 will be considered.

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