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Healthy eating

Having a healthy diet is a crucial part of overall good health. Eating well not only helps you maintain a healthy weight but also gives you the right amount of energy and nutrients to keep you feeling good and lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and certain cancers.

A healthy diet is likely to include a variety of foods, from each of the main food groups, so we get all the nutrients that we need. Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of conflicting information available about eating well, so we recommend you use trusted sources like NHS Choices or Cook and Eat Well. Advice on healthy eating can also be found on the Healthy Lifestyle Service website.

There are lots of ways to access healthy food affordably:

Libraries are also great places to find exciting new recipes to try. Have a look at what’s on offer at our at the library catalogue.

Managing your weight

Your body is not designed to carry extra weight. Becoming a healthy weight can improve your health, self-esteem, confidence and general wellbeing.

Healthy weight is often measured in terms of Body Mass Index (BMI) - which compares a person's weight to their height. You can calculate your BMI using the NHS Choices website. Most people should aim to have a BMI between 20 - 25.

If you are overweight, the key to weight loss is often making realistic changes to your diet and level of physical activity that can become a part of your daily routine. Evidence shows that the best way to lose weight is to make long-term changes to diet and physical activity that result in a steady rate of weight loss. Aim to lose weight at around 0.5kg to 1kg a week (1lb to 2lb), until you achieve a healthy BMI.

Need support? Advice and help with weight management can also be found on the Healthy Lifestyle Service website.

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Reliable information to help you eat well is available from:

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