Abandoned vehicles

How we decide if a vehicle is abandoned

We have set out guidelines to determine if a vehicle has been abandoned:

  • How long the vehicle has been left
  • Overall condition, age and appearance of the vehicle
  • Whether there is a registered keeper/valid road tax according to the DVLA
  • If there is a number plate
  • If it looks driveable
  • Security
  • How close it is to the last known registered keeper's address
  • If it has rubbish/waste inside

A vehicle must be left in the same place for 21 days before Inspectors will visit, to determine if the vehicle meets any other Abandoned vehicle criteria 

There may be legitimate reasons why a car has been left somewhere, for example:

  • the owners are visiting a relative
  • the owners are sick or in hospital
  • the owners are on holiday
  • the vehicle has broken down

If the vehicle is parked where it is obstructing a private dropped crossing (i.e. outside a house) then a request needs to be made to Parking Enforcement who will check and then refer the issue for enforcement action to be taken.

If a vehicle is not currently taxed then it can be reported to the DVLA.

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