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If your vehicle has been classed as abandoned

I have been served a seven-day notice - how do I recover my vehicle?

If you wish to recover your vehicle you must bring proof of your identity that includes a photograph, such as a passport or photo driving licence, proof of your address and at least two of the following:

  • The V5 Vehicle Registration Document (log book)
  • Confirmation that the vehicle has been SORN
  • A valid certificate of insurance
  • A bill of sale or similar verifiable evidence of purchase
  • A current MOT certificate

You will also have to pay to recover the vehicle. The charges are as follows:

  • Removal of vehicle - £150+VAT (national charge)
  • Storage - £20 + VAT per day
  • Return of vehicle - £45 + VAT
  • Return of vehicle (same day) - £45

I left something in my vehicle and I want it back - can I get it?

We consider that property inside an abandoned vehicle is abandoned with the vehicle. Vehicles and their contents are crushed as a whole.

My vehicle was not abandoned - why did the council take it away?

The vehicle was reported as abandoned and an inspection has deemed it as abandoned because it met our guidelines for abandoned vehicles, which are outlined at the start of this article.

My vehicle was on private land - why did you remove it?

We have a duty to remove all abandoned vehicles, whether they are on private land or not. If your vehicle was in open air on private land the landowner will be served a fifteen-day notice warning them of intention to remove the vehicle. The landowner can contact us to have the vehicle removed before the expiry date of the notice if they wish.

All registered social landlords in Coventry, like Whitefriars Housing and Touchstone have given permission for vehicles abandoned on their land to be removed immediately.

You did not tell me you were going to take my vehicle away - why?

Abandoning a vehicle is an offence. Abandoned vehicles are removed immediately, without notice unless they are on private land. Previously notices were put on vehicles warning owners they were going to be removed but this tended to encourage theft or damage so now notices are not left.

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